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OSO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/21/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Extra virgin olive oil is a valued and prized commodity. However, most extra virgin olive oil today comes from more than one source, due to the scarcity of large estates with plentiful olive groves. Since OSO Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from a single estate, it is an even more premium product than others on the market. Bert spent time at the olive grove in Kampia to truly understand the importance of the olive oil and the process that goes into its production, and they have created the brand, bottles, packaging, and online store for OSO.

“ΟΣΟ (OSO in English) in Greek means ‘as long’ or ‘as much’ and is an array of exceptional foods, each of which played a significant and crucial role in the company founder’s life. Through collaboration with our client and a network of Cypriot, Greek and British suppliers, we were able to bring the P S Lambis and OSO brands to life.”

“In Cyprus there is nothing more sacred than the olive tree and its harvest. It embodies respect for the land and its fertility, love and honour of shared heritage and, of course, taste; everything it is to be Cypriot. Its branches are braided into marriage wreaths and are an international symbol of peace and olive leaves are burnt to ward off evil spirits. It is crucial in all the key moments of life from birth to the last rights. Olive oil's role extends from the daily bustle of Cypriot kitchens to all the key moments of life.”

OSO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Kampia is created from the best hand-harvested Koroneiki variety of olive, sourced from an estate that has been in the same family for generations. The fat, clear bottle puts the rich, yellow-green oil on display. A black label combined white text and gold accents pays homage to the olive tree, with two olive branches gracing the front. Below this, a teardrop shape rests over the brand name, just like a drop the smooth olive oil inside. With perfectly symmetrical lines and geometric shapes, the label feels almost cryptic, recognizing the long history of olive oil production and the high esteem the product is given. It also reinforces the purity of OSO Extra Virgin Olive Oil by remaining simple and clean.

“Cold pressed on the same day as picking for the finest quality and taste, the oil is left to rest for several months to allow the natural separation of the sediment to retain its quality and taste. Once ready, it is bottled and labelled by hand.”


Designed by Bert

Client: P S Lambis

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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