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by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/16/2015 | 3 Minute Read

ImagoBox is doing something amazing on the streets of Croatia. Good packaging is the thing that stands out in the crowd of similar packaging. It attracts attention and makes the content of the packaging noticeable. ImagoBox Advertising Agency decided to use items that people pass by every day and do not pay attention to, as a means of sending our message. Benches, a lighting pole, a trash can, a bike rack and a few other items have become products with a unique identity with the packaging we have developed. Many curious glances of passers-bys, hesitation, commenting and taking photos are proof enough that we have we have made clear to all that something well packed is better noticeable.


Creative Director: Igor Mladinovic 

Art Directors: Darko Bosnar, Vinko Čuljak, Saša Perić 

Designers: Srećka Gmaz, Goga Golik, Marko Gereci 

Copywriters: Goran Bader, Darko Bosnar, Ana Burazer, Domagoj Delić, Josip Listeš 

Illustrator: Vedran Klemens / Rastjerivac mraka 

Account: Irena Lešković, Martina Bek 

PR: Ivis Burić, Hrvoje Hrvatin 

Prepress: Nikola Janjić, Darko Kučina 

Support: Dean Vranić 

Production: Print faktor 

Video: Adam Bukvić / Leptir 

Photo: LeTIM 

Designed by ImagoBox Advertising Agency

Country: Croatia

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