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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/17/2015 | 9 Minute Read

What better way to end your week than with these colorful Concepts We Wish Were Real. Go ahead and check them out and have a fantastic weekend. 

Kiehl's-Papier Fruité


Kiehl's is known to have amazing branding and because of this so many people have been inspired to create their own Keihl's concept design. Don't Try Studio fits in that category with their Papier Fruité line. With each color  representing a different fruit fragrance, bottles and bags are embellished with expressive paint strokes. A variety of stroke weights brings diversity and dimension to the design. 

Designed by Don't Try Studio

Country: France


Pierogi Polskie


A lot of care and attention is given to these Pierogis. Designed by Martha Sophia Stanczak, individually stuffed fruit and veggie pouches swim in their own delicious sauce. A clear container, sealed with a lid, features two german men with forks pointed to the sky, ready to eat. In the center, a pierogi is framed around its ingredients and a white scalloped edge. 

Designed by Martha Sophia Stanczak

Country: Germany


Premier Is


The ice cream season is at its peak these days and the concept line “Premier Is”, designed by Martin Klein Sørensen, just make us want one of these ice lollies right here, right now! Premier Is is a leading Danish ice cream manufacturer and one of the first ice cream producers in the country. The USP of the brand is the use of natural and fresh ingredients and - according to Martin- this should be translated on the packaging, thus making Premier Is highly recognizable in store. 

“The design was created with authenticity, storytelling & credibility in focus. Every ice cream should stand out on its own while maintaining a clear connection to the rest of the series. The triangles of the polar bear logo are scaled and used as a graphical element cutting the package in two surfaces, while the ice cream photos are sending thoughts back to the way ice cream was once portrayed.” 

The choice of soft colours for the palette highlights the natural characteristics of these products and the fonts used to name each of the ice creams really appeals to a younger audience. Natural, Danish and deliciously good: an ice cream packaging that is all the things hadn't realised we were missing. 

Designed by Martin Klein Sørensen

Country: Denmark


Salty Snacks Packaging


This design was all about Americana. In response to the bold and loud packaging in the chip/snacks space, we went in a more “down home” direction. The Salty Snacks brand/product banner was designed to look like a classic gas station or diner pylon sign that might have come out of the 1950s. The main background image motif was a consideration of what best states “small town” landmark universally? The Water Tower! The Water Tower image is a double entendre, addressing both the Americana vibe and the need for water after eating Salty Snacks. The typefaces were retro inspired, but with a hint of modern flavor. This project would have been realized, but we were contracted during the recession and unfortunately, the company faded away into the recession.

Designed by Pure Fusion Media

Country: United States


The Mixer 


Check out these highly pigmented range of mixers. Designed by Sam Thrush, clear glass bottles are wrapped in a black label highlighted with type. Each concoction is given a witty name complementary to the exotic flavors.

"The Mixer is a student developed a brand of cocktail mixes. Created with a modern speakeasy aesthetic, the bottle designs were influenced by apothecary style remedies. Flavor names were inspired by the common slang of the 1920's."

Designed by Sam Thrush

Country: United States


Ultima Bon Appetite


How do you animate packaging humorously? Marçal P. / igriega figured it out with their pet food, Ultima Bon Appetite. Wet dog food is placed into a dark brown container and sealed with a dog illustration. The tab, used to pull the lid off, is painted red to represent the tongue giving the packaging an unexpected design element that is eye-catching on the selves.

'Bon Appetite' packaging proposal decoration. The product is a gourmet mini dog food line. The main concept to communicate was the excellent taste, so the packaging opener turns into a tongue of a happy dog.

Designed by Marçal P. / igriega

Country: Spain

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