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Concept: LOOP

by Jenifer Tracy on 07/17/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Simple white sneakers with some bright laces – that’s LOOP! A new concept shoe design coming from the team at Sheridan&Co, these are targeted to the millennial market. LOOP is taking the current trend of neon sneakers with white laces and flipping it around, bringing all white sneakers with color laces to the market. Following the movement towards personalization, these all white sneakers are a blank palette for their owners to customize, matching their shoelace color to the mood. 

“The concept and design was inspired by simple, honest brands with strong identities but executed with minimal fuss – just good, clean and modern design.”

The name “LOOP” of course refers to the loopy (colorful) shoelaces that the brand’s concept revolves around. The logo has a hand drawn illustration of a pair of shoes with an exaggerated loop that wraps around the typography. It’s a lighthearted design combined with the Century Gothic font that is known for its extreme curvature and the perfect letter “O” in its set. Keeping it simple, the color palette is predominately white & black, with the addition of a single shoelace color. 

Building on the circular looped theme from the identity, the packaging design for these shoes is itself tubular. I’ve never seen anything like it! The shoes sit one above the other inside this packaging and a tray slides out of the tube allowing the sneakers to be removed easily. A shoelace handle is then attached to the tube, which allows the LOOP shoebox to be carried over the shoulder and out of the store. Compact, quick carry-out packaging. 

“Meanwhile, the box itself was also designed to be functional to the point where – after the shoes have been removed – it can then go on to have a second life either storing random knickknacks or to even double up as a yoga mat carrier.”

The bright pops of color which LOOP uses in its packaging is coordinated with the shoelaces. Yes - it's ALL about the shoelaces in this concept! The lids on each tubular package are transparent and function as “loop pods,” encasing the colored laces so they are visible to the eye. This color is then carried through into the slide out tray, the shoelace handle, and the lid circumference - just enough to add a dash of flash. 

“LOOP takes a simple white fashion pump to a new level and creates a new identity and life to the branding and the product through customizable, vibrantly colored laces. The final design is versatile, playful and relevant to the youth market as well as to more fashion-conscious urbanites.”


Designed by Sheridan&Co

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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