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Seis Chiles Cocina Mexicana

by Jenifer Tracy on 07/01/2015 | 4 Minute Read

 There is nothing stereotypical about the new brand identity for the Mexican restaurant Seis Chiles. I’d expect to see a rainbow of colors and festivity with a Mexican restaurant, but this brand keeps it simple. A beautiful shade of bright blue is all that’s needed. 

“The restaurant concept is a fast food/ready to go experience with the touch of traditional Mexican flavors. Meals like Chilaquiles, tacos, tortas and variety of salads are found in the menu.” 

Located in Monterey, Mexico, Seis Chiles chose to work with local design firm Sabbath Visuals to create and establish the restaurant’s identity. The branding takes its inspiration from Talavera pottery, a traditional style of pottery from the Puebla region of Mexico. Talavera pottery is most widely known for its popular use of a vivid blue color, a hue which Sabbath Visuals has chosen for the restaurant’s identity. 

“Seis Chiles is a brand that keeps simplicity and neatness at the same time.”

The Seis Chiles logo has the restaurant name enclosed in a circle, with the type wrapping around the inside the edges. Created to be used as a “stamp” mark, the logo shows up “stamped” in blue throughout all packaging and print materials. While the logo uses a petite, san serif font that draws little attention to itself, there is also a large display font that's used prominently throughout the brand. 

The take-out packaging is made out of brown paper and features large, oversized quotes such as “good things come to those who wait.” This made me giggle since the irony is that the restaurant features fast food and ready to go meals. The “Seis Chiles” brand blue sits nicely nicely with the brown paper and black/white color palette that carries through all art direction. 

Sabbath Visuals has been very precise in their execution of the Seis Chiles brand, and it shows. The print materials feature a wide range of menus, business cards and hangtags that bring in the brown paper treatment from the packaging. I’d love to take a peek into their actual restaurant to see how the design has been carried out through their interior. I’m sure there would be a couple pieces of Talavera pottery, at least one wall painted in that pretty blue and a tidy appearance, just like the rest of the brand.


Photography: Estudio Tampiquito

Designed by Sabbath Visuals

Country: Mexico

City: Monterrey

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