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Obscuritas Dark Sour

by Jenifer Tracy on 06/08/2015 | 3 Minute Read

 Now THIS is some seriously intense design work! The Hired Guns Creative team has delivered another “stop in your tracks” beer branding and packaging design for Driftwood Brewery’s new Obscuritas Dark Sour brew. 

“Resting patiently in the wooden shadows was this creature of the night. Seldom seen, but whose presence was always respected by all life in the backyard, this elusive predator was never captured.”

With a great horned owl staring at you from the front of the bottle, this dark sour really captures the beer’s nocturnal spirit in avian form. The bird’s plumage frames the night-hunter’s predatory eyes, wrapping around the bottle in perfect symmetry. The color palette is simple, a single high contrast color that is striking against the dark brown beer bottle. 

“Survival instincts kick in, and we can’t help but notice the bottle that stares back at us from a shelf. ”

Obscuritas Dark Sour is the first brew in Driftwood Brewery’s Birds of Prey series, and I guarantee it’s going to be a stand out. I can’t wait to see what Hired Guns Creative will bring to the table for the next beer in this series. Based on their outstanding portfolio of work, I know they will step up to the challenge with ease.

“Our approach to naming this beer was to evoke the owl’s dark, mysterious nature, while retaining its exalted position, using an invented word that embodies the individuality of this dark sour.”

Photography: Sean Fenzl

Printing: West Key Graphics 

Designed by Hired Guns Creative

Country: Canada

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