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Black Block Wines

by Elena Massucco on 06/08/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Architecture meets wine in Black Block Pinot Noir 2013. 

Made by two South African architects, Derick Henstra and Peter Fehrsen, the wine was released earlier this year. Derick and Peter have been working together at their architecture practice for nearly 20 years, and share a lifelong interest in wine. They’ve also been partners in Wine Concepts, a fine wine retail store since 1998, so the desire to make their own wine was a natural step to take. 

The pair commissioned graphic designer Madeleine Dreyfuss to design their wine label. The objective was to create a strong new identity for Black Block Wines, using the same black square treatment as the architecture company, yet building a separate visual language for the new wine brand. 

“The label is a matte black square, with the brand name applied in black varnish, the varietal in silver and the vintage in a colour that changes with each year – so far 2013 in red, and 2014 in lime green. 

The brand name is subtle, almost hidden on the black background depending on the light, an element of intrigue especially when set against more traditional wine light coloured labels with their scripts and flourishes. 

The label is strong and contemporary, and has set the wine apart in terms of design-oriented branding.”


Designed by Madeleine Dreyfuss

Client: Derick Henstra & Peter Fehrsen

Country: South Africa

City: Cape Town

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