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Old Standard Moonshine

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/23/2015 | 2 Minute Read

"For close friends and combustible engines." Old Standard Moonshine features the world’s first moonshine design that has been printed onto fabric. The labels are created with special attention and care, a process that includes hand printing, stitching, and even a unique number. Chad Michael Studio created the brand design and name, using the traditional methods of making whiskey as inspiration.

The fabric has slight fraying at the top and bottom, and along with the batch number written on the back, this clearly tells the consumer that each bottle of whiskey is one-of-a-kind. Each fabric label is a rich, navy blue, with gritty gold text covering it. The custom fonts have distinct qualities that complement each other. One is a basic all-caps sans serif and the other an elegant, more traditional typeface for the brand name, with swirls and playful elements that blend well with the small graphics and accents on the label. A white Old Town Distilling stamp is printed on the front, highlighting the simple, small business ethics that Old Standard Moonshine values.

“There was a time, before whiskey was industrialized, the standard was fine quality and honest ingredients. Native grains, heirloom and organic, were just called “grains.” Smoking and roasting, milling and mashing, cooking it up slow and low in a hand-hammered copper pot still, batch by batch, was just called “making whiskey.” Old Standard is what whiskey used to be, and we think ought to be again.”


Designed by Chad Michael Studio

Country: United States

City: Dallas

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