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Ros Caubó

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/23/2015 | 2 Minute Read

If you’re needing some guidance deciding on what olive oil to choose from the many available to you, maybe you should turn to Ros Caubó. Designed by Zoo Studio, this sleek, organic olive oil uses a simple bottle shape and nautical-inspired graphics that appear exotic and modern.  

“Ros Caubó is an ecological olive oil, made from 100% arbequina. The design of the brand is inspired by the tradition of the maritime business and by the navigation instruments. The packaging combines esthetic resources from mid XX century with the most contemporary graphics. The orange capsule contrasts with the range of organic colours in order to provide it with personality.”

It stands out boldly with the orange capsule, an unexpected pairing with the light green of the oil itself. The logo features simple line work, pulling inspiration from the navigation instruments used at sea. It is uncomplicated and contemporary. The label incorporates the two prominent hues — olive oil green and burnt orange — along with a black, all-caps sans serif font. The font sets it apart from many of the olive oils that are marketed as rustic or coming from the countryside, and instead caters to a client interested in modernized products.

A small tag goes on the neck of the bottle, similar to the main label but also with a blue print of fauna on it. This smooths the look over and indicates the value put on the pure, organic ingredients used to make the olive oil.


Designed by Zoo Studio

Country: Spain

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