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Coco de Mer

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/16/2015 | 3 Minute Read

The award winning British design agency Williams Murray Hamm has just wrapped up a gorgeous revised identity system and new packaging design for the notable erotica brand Coco De Mer. If you haven't heard of Coco De Mer before, just know this brand is the Louis Vuitton of sex toys and accessories. This is pretty fancy.

“Luxurious, enticing and empowering, Coco de Mer is where you explore the exhilarating limits of your erotic imagination. Online and in their London boutique, they collect and curate only the finest erotica to inspire exploration, excitement and enjoyment.”

The new design work has been carried across Coco De Mer’s range of toys, oils, lubricants and candles as well as shopping bags and brochures. The real highlight of this projects comes with the release of “The Pleasure Collection” line. A new range of luxury toys which take their inspiration from some of Britsih history’s grand dames of seduction. The ladies Nell Gwynne, Georgiana the Duchess of Devonshire and Catherine Howard, each known for different indiscretions of sexual nature.

“Sexy is: empowerment, understated style & beauty within, not cheap pink nylon knickers.”

Williams Murray Hamm worked with the theme of ‘exploration & discovery’ when developing The Pleasure Collection – the idea of encountering the unexpected. The packaging is a rich amber brown, elegant in its simplicity and featuring only the company logo, name and a small, seductive die cut “peep-hole.” The peep-hole teases the viewer, showing a glimpse of a nude body or a flirtatious eye. The full reveal comes when the packaging is full opened to reveal an erotic print of one of the grand dames of seduction. 

“Williams Murray Hamm completely understood and appreciated our brand and developed a uniquely wonderful concept that embraced our vision.”
– Lucy Litwak, Managing Director Coco de Mer

There is a beautiful and tasteful opulence to The Pleasure Collection packaging. A color palette centered around an amber brown hue, complement with sophisticated teal, ceramic and clementine. An addition of “Coco gold” has been introduced to this line, replacing the classic red which the Coco De Mer marque and typography are customarily set in. It's amazing how a little gold foil can elevate a brand and bring extra delight to your shopping experience. Williams Murray Hamm have translated a perfect expression of the Coco De Mer brand in their design work, showing them off as the luxury leaders in this high-end erotica market.


Designed by Williams Murray Hamm

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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