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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/12/2015 | 14 Minute Read

Happy Friday! Today we take a look at a group of concepts we wish were real that take a minimalist approach when designing their packaging.



Athena, the Greek goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature is also now the goddess inspiration for an appetizing olive product brand. Two graphic design students, Marina Zertuche andNah’ Lucia created a concept for a line of olive products for clients who truly know their way around a kitchen. Using detailed photos of olive branches, graphics of olive wreaths, and culinary-friendly labels, the Athena brand is sophisticated and smart. 

“Athena is an olive product brand made of natural ingredients, designed for gourmet kitchens, especially for chefs. The proposal aims to stand out the brand’s values (elegance, exclusivity and purity) and to create a tangible experience between the customer and the product. The naming is meant to relate to the goddess Athena, whom according to the greek mythology created the olive tree. Athena’s gift was used for light, heat, food, medicine and perfume.”

The packaging has all the best elements for a gourmet kitchen: clear jars to see product freshness, minimal labels for organizing and grabbing at a moment’s notice, and even color coding. The brand uses real images of ripe olives in its branding, some hanging from a branch and others cut open revealing the pits. The logo is spelled out in big, bold letters, harnessing the strength and power of the goddess namesake for the brand.

Designed by Marina ZertucheNah’ Lucia

Country: Mexico




The new Teavana will provide quality at your fingertips. By integrating simple design, this new approach will highlight Teavana's ingredients while keeping convenience in mind. The product is designed to ease the lengthy tea making process, therefore making it possible for busy individuals to enjoy a healthy loose-leaf tea and experience instant quality.

Designed by Melia Tandiono

Country: United States




Package design for the jam and juice company that focus on organic product. Illustrations were designed to create an organic, healthy, energetic look to communicate the company's product. Conceptualized by Ayca Kilicoglu, a playful on perspective is used with watercolor fruit illustrations running across the white labels.

Designed by Ayca Kilicoglu

Country: United States

City: San Francisco




Branding and packaging of Flora, a brand of high-end cosmetics who sells fresh and handmade products. Designed by Josée Provost, the nutrality of the design makes this beauty line unisex. Frosted plastic bottles are wrapped in grey-colored labels with a faded abstract background. The overall design is simple and easy on the eyes showing subtle character. 

Designed by Josée Provost

Country: Canada


Fish & Tips


I’ll be honest: I don’t know the first thing about fishing. I’ve done it maybe 3 times in my life, each time without catching a single fish. If you’re like me, then maybe we could all benefit from Fish & Tips. Anna Salvador’s concept is to create a community for people who want to start fishing but have no idea how. Once registered, members receive a welcome pack that includes all the tools one needs to get started, a mini guide, a calendar, and even a raincoat for the first fifty people to enroll.

Clever name aside, Fish & Tips is serious about delivering the right information in the most straight-forward way. It seems that some inspiration came from Nordic countries like Finland and Iceland, where the fishing industry is prominent. Only a crisp white and rich blue are used, similar to the ones in the countries’ flags, even for images in the small guide provided to members. The equipment also follows the color scheme, save for hooks and other metal parts. The design seamlessly flows throughout all items provided in the pack, from the fishing line to hooks, creating the feeling of a club. Everything is clearly labeled, and since it covers the basics and provides everything in an all-in-one kit, it’s a perfect product for novices.

Designed by Anna Salvador

Country: Spain




When we think of take-out food, images of grease-soaked paper bags and cheap plastic silverware might come to mind. Three students have created an idea for take away food that is the complete opposite: cheerful, colorful, and whimsical. Nat TattagliaOlaya Pintado and Eli García have designed the concept for Printemps, a way to experience a charming bistro outside of the restaurant itself. “Due to the opening of a new local in Barcelona whose style takes a reference to the Romantic Bistro, originally in France, we have designed this fictitious promotion for a restaurant company called Lateral, which takes place in spring season. ‘Printemps,’ spring in French, is a set of different packagings that facilitate the transport and consumption of the brochettes that Lateral offers in its menu, but outdoors.”

Printemps makes use of the spring season, covering packaging in dreamy, semi-faded colors and beautiful flowers and plants. It’s created perfectly for an outdoor picnic, but could also just as easily transport someone enjoying the meal inside to a garden or countryside in their mind.

The packaging is practical and lovely, with plenty of easy handles for carrying, packability, and delicately detailed flora. Aside from the serif typeface logo in black, the design allows the images to do the work, elevating the eating experience for the consumer.

Designed by: Nat TattagliaOlaya PintadoEli García

Country: Spain


Pure Nature


We all know that humans are visual creatures. So why not use that knowledge to create a package design that gives consumers information visually? This was Andre Larcev’s concept behind the design for Pure & Natural, a cosmetics line from Coral Club. The company creates products made from all-natural components and innovative methodologies, providing high-quality products with the best nutritional value.

Larcev decided to update the design by adding images of the ingredients on stark white packaging. The font is a modern all-caps sans-serif typeface, and combined with the beautiful photos of the ingredients emphasizes the company’s values of pure ingredients. The design has a direct intention and expresses a clear message to consumers. Container caps and lids have a wooden appearance, exotic and earthy next to the flawless white packaging. Some of the natural ingredients are derived from wood and plants, and this ties in perfectly with the minimal design. 

Designed by Andre Larcev

Country: Russia

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