by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/11/2015 | 6 Minute Read

One person can have many roles — parent, boss, student, friend, and more. These different responsibilities sometimes require an outfit change, and a clothing line would certainly benefit from offering a purchaser all the articles of clothing they would need for their day-to-day life. POM POM is a bold and contemporary lingerie line doing just that, creating options for people’s work lives and their lives outside of that as well. Reynolds and Reyner wanted to create packaging and brand that would embrace both a work-oriented and flirtatious feel.

“POM POM is a modern and stylish lingerie brand created by Reynolds and Reyner agency for a fashion designer from Los Angeles. In each set there are two kinds of panties packed in individual boxes that resemble diagonally-cut cubes in shape. The first one is more comfortable and simple, for everyday use at work or fitness sessions, and the second box offers a more creative and interesting lingerie type for evenings and nights, parties and leisure. The 2-piece set is read not only in the packaging and the brand name, but also in the brand’s slogan ‘Work hard, play hard.’”

The bright coloring is playful, while the geometric design is practical and business-like. Black, white, and pops of flashy hues find the perfect balance with each other. The brand is undoubtedly modern and uniquely gender-neutral. This can work to their advantage in many ways — not only will men have a much easier shopping experience for their partners, but POM POM also has the door open to expand their brand in the future.

“The word ‘POM POM’ means ‘a bob on a hat’ in English. This term is also used by Americans to describe objects that cheerleaders hold during sport events, such as basketball or American football matches. Therefore, the name perfectly conveys the idea of ightness and brightness shown by these girls and a dual brand name refers to the idea of ombining the two types of lingerie in a single set.”


Designed by: Reynolds and Reyner

Country: Ukraine

City: Kiev

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