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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/02/2015 | 2 Minute Read

How do you stay on top of the game? OvenPå, a company that sells healthy fruit toppings for yogurt, porridge, cereals, skÿr and other dairy products, literally translates to ‘on top.’ The brand is geared towards those who are health-conscious and aware of the ingredients in the foods they eat, so Kontrapunkt wanted to create an urban, young, and modern packaging design to express the brand’s values.

“We created a modular design solution including design elements such as hand painted aquarelle illustrations, friendly explanatory texts and a bold typographic logo. This modular solution exploits every surface and feeds consumers with brand communication that introduces the product and its use.”

“The see-through container allows consumers to explore the fruit topping inside and ensures instant product understanding. An ideal solution for launching a new product category that targets the modern, healthy and quality-conscious consumer.”

The containers used are a clear indication to consumers the type of items OvenPå sells, as they look undoubtedly like dairy products. This allows for other creative elements to come into play and differentiate the brand.

Allowing the consumer to peek inside and physically see the toppings is crucial, as that is what OvenPå is all about! The toppings are also beautiful, appealing berry hues that stand out among the black container and bold white text. On the sides of the packaging are small illustrations to show the final product in use. This is decorated with seemingly hand-written text and arrows, treating the container almost as a chalkboard.


Designed by: Kontrapunkt

Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

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