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The Dieline Awards 2015

The Dieline Awards 2015: 3rd Place Wine, Champagne- Ploes Wines

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/04/2015 | 2 Minute Read

In this solution a large part of the label is filled with sea trips inspired illustrations. We designed our illustrations with simple clean forms on which handmade 'water' details are added.
The way a sailboat is reflected in the water, the low flight of a seagull that one feather barely scratches the surface of the sea, the journey of the moon that generates light wrinkles over in water and the water element that transforms into a wave.
The simple typography comes to subtly emphasise our sea pictures with a "random" mounted stamp to give the atmosphere of mystery and the validity and uniqueness of this excellent series.


Designed by Beetroot Design Group

Country: Greece

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