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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 04/10/2015 | 12 Minute Read

Check out these colorful concepts and get inspired this Friday morning! 

Neato Burrito


In response to IoPP’s 2015 48 Hour Re-Pack student design challenge, a group of students at Clemson University was tasked with reinventing taco and burrito packaging for easy, on-the-go consumption. While traditional aluminum foil wrappers impede active snacking and leave much to be desired in the way of innovation, Neato Burrito boasts a pretty “neat” solution. Integrating the dead fold properties of foil with the structural integrity of paperboard, Neato Burrito’s semirigid, accordion-style body not only collapses with consumption but also affords consumers an alternate, in-house dining option. Simply pop open the end cap to “take the party with you,” or tear it down the side to start the party where you’re at. Either way, Neato Burrito delivers a convenient, mess-free burrito experience.

Designed by Kelsey Byrd, Haley Ellis, Marcus Mrazeck, Elizabeth Sweeney.

School: Clemson University

Country: United States


Rancheiro Classic


Simplicity is key for Rafael Serpa when designing Rancheiro Classic coffee. In order to stand out on the shelves in supermarkets, a bold color palette was used with minimal text. Finally, a fun cocao bean pattern is applied creating a quirkiness to the brand.  

Designed by Rafael Serpa

Country: Brazil




Take a look at these hypnotic cheese wheels! Rushavel Sultanov packages cheese in a playful manner with fun optical illusions printed on kraft paper and gift wrapped like a present. The label, personifies the dairy product making it look like its smiling. 

Designed by Rushavel Sultanov

Country: Russia

City: Moscow


The Icecream that Understands PMS



A girl's least favorite time of the month can have its perks, especially if those perks involved ice cream that understood how we felt. With that in mind, Paker Jones conceptualized the perfect comfort frozen treat. Pints are color coded in pastels and screen printed with mood scale.

Designed by Parker Jones

Country: United States

City: Dallas


Food for Thought


A good book can be just as filling and satisfying as a hearty meal. Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler was inspired by the phrase “food for thought” to create the concept of displaying popular books as edible items. The series includes three titles, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Naked Lunch, and Dinner and the Homesick Restaurant, covering all three major meals for the day.

The books are housed in Campbell’s-inspired soup cans, and their labels are covered in whimsical, playful images. Those familiar with the books will recognize certain icons, but nothing spoils the story for those who haven’t read them yet.

“With the help of illustration the packaging sheds light on the contents without revealing the plot. By looking at the packaging you can find out the "daily value" of humor and irony that the book contains, the number of pages that make the perfect "serving size" and the ingredients of the novel. The product group on the packaging gives the chance to learn a few details about the main character at a glance.”

Designed by: Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler

Country: United States


Dash Seasonings


“This project reflects my greatest motivation in design: adding beauty to that which seems commonplace.” Emily Claire Guin’s goal resonates strongly with the creators of Dash Seasonings, who created the company in hopes to bring vibrancy to people’s homes and kitchens.

The finely crafted seasonings are packaged with a lovely black and white label, resonating with the all-natural ingredients and carefully blended herbs, spices, and fruits. They almost seem too grand for an average retailer, which makes the design perfect for Dash, who intends to sell to high-end grocery stores. Even the font used for the word “Dash” is elegant and seems like something you might find at a small shop on the streets of Italy.

Still, the original goal of Dash Seasonings is still evident: each jar’s lid has a vibrant seasoning label on top, inspiring the consumer to elevate home cooking.

Designed by: Emily Claire Guin

Country: United States


Gentle Giant


This Gentle Giant is weightlifting a ton. Designed by Julius Gerdvila, beer bottles are wrapped in monotone illustrations centered around a hairy, muscle man. "Some beer are just beer. We decided to create a conceptual brand and packaging for smart people who have a good sense of humor. It has been to breath fresh look into already established values to traditional beer."


Designed by Julius Gerdvila

Country: Lituania

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