The Dieline 2015: 1st Place Confectionary, Snacks, Desserts- Pams Confectionery

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/04/2015 | 4 Minute Read

A delectable assortment – which one to choose!

The Pams Confectionery Range features an eclectic mix of quirky characters, bursting with fun and whimsical charm! Sure to capture the imagination and bring smiles to young and old.
As always, the Pams Private Label personality never fails to surprise and delight.

Illustrated by the talented Brett King, the design's naïve style touches on a story book 'look and feel' from simpler times. Each character relates to the product inside and cleverly tells its own story with little details for the consumer to find.

Overall, the range has a wonderfully crafted and fun feel, creating excitement with so much to explore. Yet, it’s easy to navigate with pack names uniformly placed on each character's giant hat and large product windows at the base to show off the lollies in abundance. The choice of retro
colours and a creamy pack give a sense of naturalness without downplaying the fun. And a gentle reminder that these lollies have no artificial flavours or colours.

So what will it be… Mr Sharky with his ukulele (showing a tad more than his gums) on the Gummi Party Mix pack or… the big, pink, squishy Yeti Bear in his ski hat, off to roast his Jumbo Mallows?


Creative Director& Senior Designer: Paula Bunny

Illustrator: Brett King

Designed by Brother Design

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland

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