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Hammer Craft Beer

by Jenifer Tracy on 04/27/2015 | 4 Minute Read

Hammer is an Italian craft brewery that believes honesty, research and vision are the key ingredients to deliver a great beer. And, I believe a great logo and some hot label design can help make my beer taste great. With Hammer in charge of the brewing, it’s the London design team, By Volume, who is responsible for making the beer’s packaging look so damn good. 

Up front and center is that amazing logo. An iron branding monogram which represents Hammer’s rigorous and precise dedication to their craft. Something they’ve strenuously built to perfection. With a family of nine different brews, each beer is differentiated with an individual color palette and unique, line art illustrations. 
Lining the bottles up together makes quite an impact. A rainbow of colors, strong typography that’s easy to read, and subtle illustrations to add a little “something” extra to the designs. By Volume has created a stand out beer brand identity. Great work! 

“Hammer’s mission, together with their aim for transparency and open communication, has driven our work in developing the labels: a clean yet impactful layout to give consumers clear and honest information without overwhelming them, and an eye- catching, memorable design to give every beer the visual appeal it deserves.”


Designed by by volume

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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