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Nativetech by Siemalab

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/28/2015 | 4 Minute Read

Workout clothing can be bold and include vibrant colors, but nutrition supplements for athletes tend to have a boring, sterile design. In creating the desing for Nativetech, Anagrama took this into account and strived to make their brand the best of both worlds.

“Our brand proposal aims at breaking away from the generic solutions that are typical of this product segment by taking a direction that is inspired by bright, neon colors that are related to the world of optimal sport performance, including the attire, footwear, and accessories associated with these athletes.”

The lively colors certainly are a breath of fresh air, however the black backgrounds, white labels, and basic font keep it from appearing too whimsical. The brand looks fresh, direct, and like the future of nutritional supplements. However, part of the reason that packaging for supplements is often so simple and generic is because there are important nutritional facts and instructions that must be included. How could this be included still?

“We accomplished this [in] the perfect balance between the packaging and its labels, as well as by adding a numerical system that simplifies the steps and instructions for the use of the products.”


Designed by: Anagrama

Country: Mexico

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