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Savon Stories

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/14/2015 | 5 Minute Read

Sometimes we come across designs that would almost pain us to open and use the product inside, the packaging is so lovely. Savon Stories is one of those designs.

“We looked for visual inspiration from 1800s and French packagings, as well as old soap posters to develop. The result was a pure black and white identity and all artwork in full color. Menta’s Art Director Laura Méndez and designer Blanca Jiménez illustrated each ingredient using watercolors, guache, and hints of thin lines to achieve that handmade feel, without being too perfect. Then, a subtle color palette was selected to let artwork speak for itself, matched with a white background for all identity elements."

The images of ingredients are not only beautiful, but indicative of the soap’s 100% certified organic components. The gentle colors play together well, and by simply using numbers for each type of solid lotion instead of a carefully-crafted name, Savon Stories embodies a classy, refined feel. Each item in the line looks like a luxurious bath product you might find in a small boutique on the streets of Paris.


Designed by Menta

Client: Savon Stories

Country: Mexico

City: Guadalajara

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