Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/06/2015 | 13 Minute Read

Happy Friday everyone! Let's take a look at our Top Concepts for the Week, all of which use saturated colors on their packaging in order to stand out on the shelves. 

Erase & Replace


Erase & Replace" is a chocolate bar with a superpower: delete and replace errors or embarrassing moments in your life. It has three varieties depending on the time passed since that "awkward moment": SMOG (1 hour), DRIZZLE (1 day) and THUNDER (1 week).

Designed by Vania Nedkova

Country/City: Spain, Barcelona 


TEA Natural Cosmetics


The task was to create total brand design and spatial retail concept for a natural cosmetics company. The company is called “TEA”, which makes reference with the Greek word for “goddess”. The target public of TEA's products are the young, active women. Therefore, in my project, I was aiming to combine aesthetics, as well as function and to obtain a simplistic, eye-catching vision. Moreover, I was looking for a specific technique which may bring a more organic feel to the project. I experimented drawing different dots, spots and splashes, as I was looking for color richness, oval shape, specific texture and uneven edges. That is why I found the watercolor technique really suitable. My basic visual element become the watercolor spot, coming in four different colors, according to the main herbal series of the company – rose hip, mint, calendula and rose. The watercolor spot contrasts its organic feel to the strict vector shapes of the logo and the bold colors of the background, creating visual diversity and vibrancy. 

The “TEA” products come in four body care series – shower gels, body lotions, soaps and lip balms. Besides the packages, I have also included a stationery set – a series of business cards, gift bags, folders, letterheads and post cards. The spatial concept also relies on oval shapes, clean lines and contrasts. The basic element is a self-standing modular unit which may be used independently or in groups (based on how big is the given space). I use white spheres on which the products are exhibited. 

Designed by Vassilena Georgieva

Country/City: Bulgaria, Sofia


Phaos Nutrient Superfoods


Designed the concept, identity, packaging and advertising campaign for Phaos, company that provides Nutrient Superfoods and can be found in pharmacies and selected biological food stores. Phaos (noun,ancient greek) synonym: 1.light 2. as a metaphor for delight, deliverance, happiness etc. 
Product line 1. Superfood products in their original dried form, in beverages and combined with chocolates 
(a) raw goji berries, flaxseed, dried blueberries and apricot kernels (b) 3 flavors of superfood teas 
(c) organic chocolate combined with superfoods (d) raw cocoa beans. 
Product line 2. Parapharmaceutical products (a) superfoods in form of capsules, (b) food supplements and 
(c) superfoods in form of pastilles

Designed by Sofia Karioti 

Supervisor Tutor: Panagiotis Haratzopoulos 

Photography: Georgina Staikou

Country: Greece




Is a chocolate brand that comes from small cocoa plantations from Jamaica. The production is limited and reserved exclusively. The packaging for the presentation is made with paper foil and wild colors, evoking a remote origin with an essence that provides exclusivity.

Designed by Marina Porté

Country/City: Spain, Barcelona


Whol-E Water


Whol-E Water (holy water) is an electrolyte-enhanced alkaline water. 
When pure water freezes, it forms perfectly symmetrical hexagonal shapes–think snowflakes. This chemistry-like image led to a package design that is rendered in a hexagonal grid. The grid helps not only with organizing information about the product, but also lends significance to a design that just feels right. 

With three different bottles to choose from, 7+pH, 9pH, and 11pH, each bottle represents its own alkalinity with slightly varying colors, each one corresponding to its correct spot on the pH scale. 

A fluid, Suminagashi painting technique was used on the packaging to contrast against the angular, hexagonal geometry. Suminagashi, or "floating ink," is the process of marbling plain paper with water and ink.

Designed by Job Propulsion Lab

Art Director/Designer:Sam O'Brien  

Photography: Kayla Willey

Country/City: United States, Austin


Oh My Cheese


Oh my cheese is a premium quality cheese which comes in different packaging and different range of products, the blues and golden is used to maintain its niche. 
The box which is a limited edition pack comes with five different pack of cheese and two cheese spreads for trial. Also the cheese comes from different parts of Europe such as France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Greece and the different cheese are chèvre, mozzarella, gouda, emmental, manchengo and feta.

Designed by Aashna Jhaveri

Printer: Mahavir Xerox

Country/City: Maharashtra, Mumbai


Pluma Tequilla


Pluma is a fictional brand specializing in authentic Mayan tequila. The name, which translates to "feathers", and is representative of the sky, while the jaguar mark symbolizes the land. Together, these ideas exemplify the Mayan idea that there is a duality and balance to everything in life.

Designed by Daniel Kagan

Country: United States


La Sera Wine 


La Sera wine packaging for Louise Fili's packaging design class at SVA. La Sera (the evening) is an Italian vineyard which produces a range of three wines, II Sogno (the dream), II Cielo (the sky), and II Falo (the bonfire). The type for La Sera s a modified Future, based on Italian signage, the phases of the moon are a nod to La Sera's english translation.

Designed by Andrew Collette

Country: United States

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