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Tourtel Twist

by Elena Massucco on 03/30/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Spring is coming and a fresh, zesty and alcohol-free drink is exactly what we need. 

Brasseries Kronenbourg challenged Carré Noir to create a new product for the soft drink amateurs. An intense two-year process enabled Carré Noir to define the identity of Tourtel Twist, a fresh 0% alcohol beer for lovers of fruity flavours. 

Despite its disappearance from French supermarket shelves, the Tourtel brand is still well known among French people. With this in mind, the agency decided to regenerate it by injecting a ‘Twist’ of modernity into its image and capitalise on its solid reputation and on its alcohol-free image. 

In addition to its internal team, Carré Noir involved barmen, culinary bloggers, trend reporters, industrial designers and semioticians into the process which resulted into a comprehensive and transversal approach to the project’s development. 

The final branding is “instilled with a relaxed and natural feel and the laid back-cheerful ambience transcend the codes traditionally associated with alcohol-free beers”. 

A summery vibe with a “Twist” of pleasantly sour notes, reminiscent of lemon and grapefruit zests.


Designed by Carré Noir

Country: France

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