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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/27/2015 | 13 Minute Read

Today is our favorite day of the week where we take a look at concepts we wish were real. We hope you enjoy this week's collection as much as we do. 

Groho Grape Wine


Check out this lava lamp inspired wine label designed by Zju Design. Groho Grape Wine is uniquely packaged in a rectangular bottle with a twist cap and is boldly enhanced with waves of color.  

"Design submission that didn't go trough for new wine product from famous Macedonian wine company. ZjuDesign focused on creating visual appealing abstract form, symbolizing honey overlapping once mixed with a cut in the shape of the region where honey and grape are gathered. Label goes around the bottle with specification text on back side."

Designed by Zju Design

Country: Montenegro


Luwak Coffee


Luwak brings the safari into your home with deliciously cultivated coffee beans. Packaged in brown paper bags designed by Don't Try Studio, the Luwak logo is scripted on the surface, alongside a rendering, and finally sealed with a color-coded "ribbon".

"Kopi Luwak is the rarest and the most unique coffee in the world. The coffee beans are digested and fermented by wild civets, also called 'Luwak', before being collected by farmers. 
I had the chance to visit one of those coffee plantations in Indonesia and to hear the incredible story process of the Luwak coffee."

Designed by Don't Try Studio

Country/City: France, Paris


Stash Tea Company


Stash Tea has a fantastical story to tell and a beautiful design to illustrate it. Designed by Rachel Minier, a dark wooden box houses 4 very different teas stored in copper tins that give a contrast to the brilliant blue landscape wrapped around it. 

"Stash Tea Company is one of the largest specialty tea companies in the United States. The name derives from the time when tea was transported by ship. The story goes that the captain of the ship would be presented with some of the finest teas for his personal use, his "stash." 

Given the history behind the company's name, I wanted to evoke the idea of the sea. I began by painting several watercolors until I had one that felt very sea-like, as well as resembled the gradation in color that occurs when tea is steeped. I made the mark very clean and created a simple chart for the many temperatures and times that vary when
steeping different types of tea. I felt the copper canister would be a nice accompaniment to the blue and would stand out well against other tea tins. 

I envisioned this product as something that would be sold both in a starter or gift set, as shown here, as well as in grocery stores."

Designed by Rachel Minier

Country: United States


Soda by Wes Anderson



Inspired by the infamous Wes Anderson, Christine Comforti decided to drive into the world of cinema to create a line of soda. Patterned with bold colors and shapes, this soda pops out like no other."The objective of this project was to design a line of soda inspired by director Wes Anderson and his films. Used as a promotional piece for his new movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, each soda represents the quirkiness of its chosen movie using pattern, color, and flavor name."

Designed by Christine Comforti

School: Fashion Institute of Technology

Country/ City: United States, New York




An herbal remedy that is thirst-quenching. Designed by Lazareva Tanya iced tea bottles are intertwined in vines that trail up all the way to the top. . Finally, variations of the tea are color-coded for each identification. 

"Herbal tea GreenTwist is designed specifically for people leading an active, healthy lifestyle. The drink contains only natural ingredients, with no caffeine, no sugar, no artificial color or preservatives."

Designed by Lazareva Tanya

Country: Russia


Thor Straten – Feststoff 


Thor Straten, coming from an old family name – meaning gate and street – is a beer that can't be purchased, it is only given away as a present for festive occasions by the family. That is reflected in the identity and packaging. The pattern of the wrapping paper becomes a major element, also on the packaging itself.

Designed by Yannick zur Strassen

Country: Germany


Vos Herbal Products 


Many South African native tribes use "power animals" to define their personal traits and characteristics—Vos, "fox" in Dutch, seeks to make the Fox yours. Textures are used to pay homage to the company's origin in Clanwilliam, South Africa, while the presentation makes it accessible to an American audience.

Designed by Ismael Lopez

Country: United States


Cooper Ridge Brewing Co.


Cooper Ridge is a packaging design concept for a craft brewery based in Yakima, Washington; home to 75 percent of the total United Stated hop acreage. "Cooperage" is the name of the barrel used to store and ship draft beer. Cooper Ridge Brewing, located on Yakima Ridge, specializes in shipping their beer around the world to their quarterly subscribers. Shown is the Summer Sampler pack, which includes the season's top six beer, a brochure that folds out into a poster, a pint glass, as well as coasters.

Designed by Bridget Gahagan

Country: United States

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