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White Bark Witbier

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/18/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Another whimsical design created by the infamous Hired Guns Creative. A colorful narrative wraps around the beer bottle with a woman with a turban as the main protagonist. Oranges and barley drift in a rush of water that flows into the ombre background. 

"White Bark Witbier is one of Driftwood Brewery‘s five core products, and they're second most popular beer. The bridge between the succulent interior of a citrus fruit and the bitter oil that protects it is the pith, the white bark that marries the two solitudes. A perfect harmony of citric bitterness, fragrant coriander, round malt and raw wheat. 

For the redesign of this label we focused on evoking an image of intense summer in some undefined, rural part of southern Europe, where citrus groves abound, trips to the market are a regular occurrence, and slow living isn’t a buzz-word but the way things have always been."


Designed by Hired Guns Creative

Client: Driftwood Brewery

Country: Canada

Photography: Sean Fenzl 

Printing: West Key Graphics 

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