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Student Concept

Student: Hornea Bakery

by Jessica Deseo on 03/06/2015 | 3 Minute Read

A student concept design that truly bring sincerity throughout. With a packaging system that is both practical and eco friendly. The design is beautiful with handwritten typography, creating a pattern with information.  

"HORNEA is a new wrapping system for bread and pastries adaptable to any size. It consists of a parchment-paper roll with recipes printed on it, using only one ecological and recyclable black ink. It's a multifunctional packaging system, because once used as a take away wrapper, it can still be used as baking paper at home. HORNEA aims to be eco-friendly by reducing the environmental impact that current packagings have on our planet."

Company/School: ELISAVA
Designer: Vania Nedkova, Anna Gené, Cristina Maldonado
Photography: Thomas Williams

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