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Life Tonics

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/11/2015 | 2 Minute Read

A nutritious beverage with a loud voice.  Life Tonics, developed by Neil Taylor, creates visual authenticity through hand-drawn typography that is both vibrant and natural. Bottled in blue ombre, the product's slogan is emphasized with an asterisk: Life Starts Here. 

"LifeTonics hydration range recently underwent a significant re-brand to re-position themselves as a drink designed for life. The new positioning of ‘Life starts Here*’ creates an ownable lock-up device that can become a catalyst for health, life and taste across future advertising and marketing platforms."

The new design creates a badge in a more contemporary way in line with the visual vernacular of the millennial mindset. Using the visual language of the independent / health sector where people are drawn to the authenticity, naturalness and sense of a small owner. The re-positioning seeks to add vibrancy to the brand and allow it to build a world of Life*."


Designed by Life Tonics

Country: Ireland

City: Dublin

Developed by Neil Taylor

Typography/Illustration: Charles Stewart & Geoffrey Appleton

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