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Couture Inc.

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/24/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Many women spend thousands of dollars on what some may consider the most important day of their lives. For the perfect wedding dress, one will go through obstacles and travel across oceans so its only fitting to reward the bride-to-be with the perfect dress in the perfect box. Designed by Anagrama, a bed of painted flowers lay at the bottom of the tray surrounded by gold and powder pink. This design is very specific and caters to that special girl who seeks to be a princess for the day. 

"Couture Inc. is a boutique in Guadalajara, Mexico that specializes in wedding dresses and cocktail attire. The boutique offers a variety of haute couture and international fashion pieces. It holds a distinctive focus on feminine perfection and it specifically caters to brides who are in search of a dress that is out of the ordinary, unique, sophisticated, and ideal for a memorable experience. 

Our inspiration emerged from the colors found in roses and peonies, which are used in the brand’s delicate details that reflect its sweetness and purity."

"These minimal elements, in conjunction with its subtle energy and romantic essence, present a composition of utter femininity. Our brand proposal comprises a natural focus on the sweet image of the brand and is complemented with the contrast of its simple yet exclusive style offered to women who are in search of elegance and luxury."


Designed by Anagrama

Client: Couture Inc.

Country: Mexico

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