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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Jessica Deseo on 02/20/2015 | 11 Minute Read

Today, on this amazing Friday, we take a look at a group of concepts that find themselves experimenting with paper, kraft, and cardboard as important substrates to their packaging design.



This black and white "Duo" is meant to be shared amongst friends or loved ones. Designed by Jean-Michel Mercier, two miniature sized, green beer bottles are slipped slide by slide in kraft paper with a two-finger handle for easy transportation. Once removed, the simple cardboard can be converted into coasters and the bottles, with no print, recycled. 

Designed by Jean-Michel Mercier

Country: Canada




 We can all use a break from technology every once in a while, so why not take a “Green Break” with the Catch the Touch Growing Kit created by Singapore designer Sok Hwee. This nature inspired kit provides a complete growing kit, including mystery seeds that surprise the user when the plant grows.
It’s a clever way to encourage people to grow plants in their home or office and the process of growing a plant is a form of taking breaks. By being unknown, it allows user to observe nature's growth as they will be eager to find out what the plant will turn out to be.

Each kit comes with a postcard to personalize as a gift, a bag of soil, a small pot, an instructional guide and, of course, the mystery seeds. The box is tied with a twine bow.
The design keeps with its natural theme with simple corrugated material and clean design sense. The use of mono-weight line work keeps the instruction guide easy to follow and straightforward to understand.

Designed by Sok Hwee

Country/City: China,Singapore


Steak Packaging


This steak packaging, designed by Iya Gaas, is not only aesthetically please but environmentally conscious as well. Compared to its competitors, meat is not put in polystyrene and shrink wrapped but rather in a clean, cardboard box. This prevents any excess liquid from leaking out. A window is then cut-out in the center, allowing consumers to determine how fresh the product is.

Designed by Iya Gaas

Country: Russia


Bigelow Tea Rebrand


Colorful jams are given the royal treatment with a gold embossed logo. Designed by Ziyun Liang, a variety of fruit purees are sealed in glass jars and placed inside a dark wooden crate alongside a slender spatula. A cut-out of the flavor in each container is made on the label and topped off with a color-coded cap.

"This branding and packaging was designed for a student project. The assignment is to reinvent the Bigelow Tea brand through innovative product delivery system, introduced in a high-end gift set package and identity. 

My solutions to make the tea in jelly formula. People can simply scoop out a spoonful of tea jam, and put it into mugs, then add hot water, and stir it up. In a second, you will have a cup of
full flavored tea. Each gift set consists of 3 flavors (3 bottles): Lemon Lift, Constant Comment, and Darjeeling. Bigelow Tea logo was redesigned with more clean and modern look. The signature is embossed and gold foiled."

Designed by Ziyun Liang

Country/City: United States, New York




Simplicitic and minimal is what can be said for this line of frozen cuisine. Designed by Marina Porté, Laura Aguilar & Janire Zamora, LºATELIER takes the child aspect of ready-made meal and turns it into high-class cuisine. 

"Creation of a new gourmet packaging brand identity called L'ATELIER whose concept is transferring the sophistication of haute cuisine vs science techniques to a wider audience. Bet by the innovation, the design concept and the creation of new experiences. Through typography, color palette, print technique and images concept."

Designed by Marina Porté, Laura Aguilar & Janire Zamora

Tutored by Enric Aguilera

Country/City: Spain, Barcelona


Piatta Deli


This line of food and beverage products designed by student Erik Beger Vaage, mixes traditional Italian culture with modern design. A bold and geometric pattern  finds itself wrapped around bread, wine, pasta and a variety of condiments. The dark colors add a sophistication to the line which in turn targets an older consumer with more of a developed palate. 

Designed by Erik Berger Vaage

Country/City: United States, San Francisco


Riesling Limited Edition Wine


A self promotional concept wine with a special and limited feel to it. The idea is that only 100 bottles are produced and each are numbered, the person with the highest number is the favored one, receiving the last in the bunch! The wrapped wine, with the paired type is just meticulously beautiful. Simple and bold ,definitely make this a fun gift for anyone, especially #100! 

"Riesling Limited edition wine is made from small winery from Novi Sad and it is produced in only 100 bottles. Each bottle is numbered so the person who gets the higher number is the lucky one. 
The packaging is used for self-promotion during winter holidays."

Designed by Tijana Golubovic

Country/City: Serbia, Belgrade

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