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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/11/2015 | 13 Minute Read

Another week has come and gone. Time to jumpstart the weekend with a collection of Concepts We Wish Were Real.



I’m too young to have lived through the days where model airplanes were the coveted toy of choice, but there’s no denying that Voyage can strike a sense of nostalgia in almost anyone. This concept, created by Christopher Caldwell and inspired by his life, is a set of four model airplanes, including a rocket and spaceship.

“Voyage is a limited edition, vintage model airplane set, consisting of four themed models: Arlington Glider, Midtown Phantom, Shepherd Ave. Rocket, and The Future Flyer. The first three models are designed to represent the places I lived throughout my life, where the last model is designed to represent the unknown path of my future. The cardboard packaging is intended to mimic the cardboard boxes people use to transport their lives to new locations.”

Caldwell relies on a retro design for the model airplane set, including bold graphics with a single, bright color and a thick cursive font which emphasize the vintage vibe that Voyage has. The cardboard opens almost like a book, with full illustrations that incorporate the pieces of the model airplanes. Voyage is designed so that just one can stand alone but it almost seems better suited as a collector’s set.

Designed by Christopher Caldwell

Country: United States

City: Boston


Negromate Chocolate


I have a weakness for all things chocolate, especially ones that incorporate interesting and delicious flavors. Negromate Chocolate is a concept developed by La Nacional Estudio Mexicano that livens up the usual bar of chocolate. 

“When generating branding we wanted to use the idea of a Mexican artisan chocolate and freshness that marked the peculiar blend of natural flavors. We put the fruit in the foreground to denote the category and make a rapid differentiation of flavor. The result is 5 variants."

The images on the front of Negromate Chocolate are absolutely mouthwatering. Freshly cut fruits rest next to smooth blocks of chocolate in a picture-perfect way. Faint images of cocoa pods float in the background, and each flavor has a coordinating color. The result is a unique combination of upscale and adventurous—a premium chocolate bar with intriguing and different flavors.

Designed by: La Nacional Estudio Mexicano

Client: Mariana Rios

Country: Mexico


J'open Browar


J’open Browar is a concept for a new brewery in Poland. Adam Ignaciuk’s main goal was to create an actual character for the brand — ”Mr. J’open.” The authoritative brewer is presented in a bold, geometric style, referring to the graphic theme and characters of Artus and Hansa beer, two 19th century brands from the same region.

“J'open Browar is a branding concept for a new brewery, situated in a close neighbourhood of the Gdańsk Main Railway Station. The name refers to jopen beer style — a local delicacy, which has been produced at least since 1449. The graphic concept is a modern interpretation of the rich history of Gdańsk and local craft breweries."

J’open takes inspiration from older brews in Gdańsk, Poland, and revamps the look to suit today’s busy market of craft beer. The graphic theme with a strong geometric design is modern and also speaks to the heartiness of the beer. Labels list out the batch date and brewer’s signature, making each bottle feel a little more special, while actual images of Gdańsk, like a train at a station or the ocean waves, tie the beer to the area.

Designed by: Adam Ignaciuk

Country: Poland


Corner Pack


Let’s face it—if you’ve been blessed with good hearing, eyesight, and are able to walk with your own two legs, it’s easy to take those things for granted. But have you ever really thought about how difficult it must be for those who are visually impaired to accept packages in the mail? From figuring out where the package is from to opening it without hurting yourself, these simple tasks can be a frustrating challenge to some.

“Now it’s all solved with just one ‘corner.’ Corner Pack, featuring easy open packaging structure and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, helps visually impaired users open package without using knife or scissors, and get information about the shipment with voiceover. Users can touch the box to find the correct corner where a NFC chip has been placed, and attach his/her smartphone to the corner. Then the phone will read out the shipping information loudly. Once the user has confirmed the receipt, s/he can simply pull out the corner, and tear open the box without the aid of cutting tools.”

Chenchen Hu solves a problem and improves life for the visually impaired with Corner Pack, making the process of receiving a package and opening it streamlined and simple. With these types of deliveries, it could actually be easier for anyone to accept a package—eliminating the need to confirm the shipper or sign for the item. The indented corner and orange stripe along the opening look modern against the traditional shipping material, creating a nice meeting point of something new with something that we're familiar with.  Most importantly, though, the appearance serves a purpose. Corner Pack offers a straightforward experience, creating ease for the recipient.

Designed by: Chenchen Hu

Country: United States

City: Boston


Rival Sports Packaging


As a completely un-sporty, uncoordinated person, I know that a design is pretty spectacular when it makes me want to go out and buy a new basketball. RIVAL Sports Packaging, a concept by Nathaniel H. Killam, rethinks typical sports equipment, from the shape to the included graphics. Killam’s idea would allow sports balls to stack effortlessly on the shelf and also pack easily for shipping. The gunmetal gray is sleek and not gender-specific, allowing the brand to appeal to any active and athletic person.

“Tasked with creating a project with a set of three items. After lots of brainstorming and ideation I landed on sports ball packaging. Most of the packaging is not very creative in their shape or graphic treatments. On top of that, each sport has a different shape and design to their packaging. I wanted to create a system that allows one sport to flow effortlessly to another while also maximizing the shelf space and having a more interesting and eye catching look.

As for the graphic elements, I wanted to clean up the package and remove all the generic ‘sporty’ graphics to have a very minimal appearance while allowing colors to differentiate the sports. When deciding on the shape of the packaging I went over a lot of options. Initially enjoying the shape of a hexagon but not the fact that on a flat shelf there's wasted space between the packages and so I adopted a modified hexagonal shape. The packaging graphics also allow the package to exist upside down and allow them to interlock to save space. This also makes it easier for someone to stock them onto a shelf because they don't have to worry which way they place it."

Designed by: Nathaniel H. Killam

Country: United States


Nike Holiday Packaging


Imagine getting a holiday gift packaged up in something like this. Steering away from Christmas colors and the typical festive graphics, this concept from Michael Mason is unique and meaningful gift packaging for items sold online at Nike.com.

“Proposed packaging for Nike Global's online holiday gift packaging. The box uses a heavyweight kraft stock, paired with a silver-foil pattern built of various courts & terrains.”

When the holiday packaging market is saturated with greens, reds, snowy trees, glistening bells, and elves, this proposed packaging is certainly refreshing. It instead focuses on what would excite the consumer, getting them excited to open the gift and see what’s inside. It’s simple and clever, and by just using lines it is clean and minimal. The brown kraft paper feels cozy, while the silver-foil patterns add in just the right amount of holiday cheer. 



Designed by: Michael Mason

Country: United States

City: San Francisco

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