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Organic Aroma by Kille Enna

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/09/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Introducing water flavors like you’ve never experienced them before. Organic Aroma by Kille Enna incorporates subtle flavors with botanical extracts for a refreshing new way to stay hydrated. Designed by Homework, the packaging communicates these unique flavors that come from around the world.

“Identity and packaging for Organic Aroma by Kille Enna for a new way to drink water. ‘Taste of a Scent’ moments for water made exclusively from raw plant materials. The flavor combinations of botanical extracts are evocative and striking: ginger and rosemary from Uganda; green cardamom and lavender; liquorice root from Uzbekistan; Damask rose and heather flowers.”

Organic Aroma looks elegant, modern, and a little bit exotic. Using black, white, and splashes of jungle green in the intricate illustrations keeps the appearance clean and pure. Flavors are written in a modern, thick sans serif, while the brand name appears in a thin and delicate font. The packaging is reminiscent of some natural beauty packaging, indicating the quality of the ingredients in the product and the health benefits to drinking water with Organic Aroma included. The four flavors can line up perfectly next to each other for the drawing to come together as a whole, encouraging buyers to explore each of the varieties Organic Aroma offers.


Designed by Homework

Country: Denmark

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