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Fortum & Mason Christmas Range

by Traci Gibbs on 12/08/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Fortum & Mason is a London based, upscale department store with over 300 years of experience creating Christmas magic within their stores. Festive interiors with beautifully curated products from the annual Fortum & Mason Christmas Range. Last year when I was living in London I enjoyed the experience in person and immediately fell in love with the brand and its elegant charm. I purchase clotted creams and chocolates JUST for the stunning packaging they came in (which I dragged back from London). So, you can imagine my delight in seeing the beautiful art direction Design Bridge created for their 2015 season.

 “Chloe Templeman, Design Director at Design Bridge explained, ‘We wanted to conjure all of the sumptuous tastes, smells and colorful sights of a bountiful Christmas feast with all the trimmings. Our designs centre around a square frame, like a Christmas table at home, with an array of vibrant and intricate illustrations bursting from within.’”

Design Bridge knew their challenge was to capture the magic and wonder of the festive season, and reflect Fortnum & Mason’s position as the ultimate Christmas destination for Londoners and visitors alike. Partnering with renowned illustrator Kristjana S. Williams, the design work for this year’s Christmas Range is spectacular. With an old world style and sense of nostalgia, Williams illustrated a series of seasonal delicacies such as fruits, berries, candlesticks and toy soldiers. Arranged together each lively assortment creates an enclosed frame which allows space for the product name to be displayed.

“Design Bridge created a total of five frames for use across the range, each one containing a number of interchangeable illustrations to ensure that no two frames are the same across the 107 products. One of the challenges was coming up with a flexible design that could be used on everything from tins of biscuits and jars of cranberry sauce, to boxes of mince pies and Christmas crackers. The frames not only look beautiful and reflect the wonder and awe of the perfect Fortnum & Mason’s Christmas feast, they also visually unite the range as one.

Williams’ beautiful illustration work could be sold as stand alone works of art. The more you look, the more you see – exotic birds, woodland creatures, many symbols from the carol The Twelve Days of Christmas. Everything is wrapped up with a lavish color palette that includes deep red, rose gold and richer tone of the ‘Eau de Nil’. The glaze of these colors on top of shiny metal tins is exquisite. Topped with lids in the iconic Fortum & Mason brand color of turquoise, I know I’d be saving these containers for decorating purposes in years to come.

“Zia Zareem-Slade, Customer Experience Director at Fortnum & Mason commented, ‘Fortnum’s is the home of Christmas. We’ve been making Christmas merrier for people for over 300 years and people expect nothing but the best from us. It was important to create a design that combines a sense of tradition with the contemporary but also has the stylish, wit and elegant charm synonymous with Fortnum’s.’”

An ecelectic mix of colors combined with wistfully sentimental Christmas illustrations make a design wonderland of Fortum & Mason festivity. Together Design Bridge and Kristjana S. Williams have captured and created a festive and regal holiday spirit which can only be found in a city as special as London.


Designed by Design Bridge

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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