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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/07/2015 | 7 Minute Read

These golden hour photos and rustic look of Sorger are instantly attractive. With a recognizable font and logo, the bakery has an established brand that offers fresh breads, cakes, coffee, and more with the ability to easily expand in the future.

“Founded in 1688 Sorger is one of the oldest bakeries in Styria. Sorger sets a high value on using regional organic products to strengthen the local market and to keep short transportation routes between the farmer, the miller and of course the bakery.”

Bruch—Idee&Form was commissioned to redesign the Sorger brand, developing a modern approach without losing the bakeries tradition. Their fundamental idea is great, but no one really knew about it. So we created an extensive branding concept reaching from basic stationary material, bread and coffee packaging to a print campaign and a magazine to make sure that people read about their efforts of getting the best out of the product and the Styrian region.”

Including a print campaign and magazine show that Sorger goes above and beyond in their line of work. They put great care into what they do and what better way to share it with their customers than with beautiful photos and stories that can connect them on a deeper level? By giving buyers a deeper understanding of what they do and how they do it, they allow people to become more invested emotionally, making Sorger a brand and bakery that consumers will truly care about.


Designed by: Bruch—Idee&Form

Country: Austria

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