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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/23/2015 | 10 Minute Read

 Celebrate the holiday season with our colorful Concepts We Wish Were Real.



One of my least favorite places to shop is a home improvement store — they’re massive and intimidating, even if you know exactly what you want. Which is why kits like Crew paint are absolutely perfect. Packaged neatly, you can get all that you need  for a painting project, from brushes to the paint itself.

“Crew is a brand that produces powder mixed latex paint. The paint contains zero VOC and is easily recyclable. The packaging is meant to both protect the product and help it stack better on the shelfs. A kit is provided for those who not only need paint for their project, but, also who don't have the tools needed for their paint job.”

Alireza Jajarmi designed the packaging for the latex paint, cleverly using a clean canvas of cardboard material on all the materials. This allows the consumers to let their imaginations go wild and truly consider all possibilities in their project. Kits and products are compact and organized, ideal for home projects that can easily feel messy and overwhelming. 

Designed by Alireza Jajarmi

Country: United States


Vosges Haut-Chocolat


If you’ve never heard of Vosges, they’re an amazing company that will introduce you to the world of experiential chocolate. Their luxury products include uniquely flavored chocolate bars, bonbons, caramels, and more. Xingwei Huang has developed this concept for their dark chocolate truffles, making the experience of opening the truffles just as exciting as getting to eat them.

Huang’s packaging idea features a delicate bow and lid that pops off for a pristinely delicate box. The outer portion of the box is a crisp white with black text and graphics, giving it a clean, premium appearance. Inside, the bright blue of the ribbon overflows, an absolute feast for the eyes. Against the rich hue, the dark chocolate truffles look decadent and almost too good to eat. The elegant packaging matches Vosges Haut-Chocolat’s values, exuding a gourmet, premium vibe.

Designed by Xingwei Huang

Mentor: Louise Fili

Country: United States


The Sacris Society Apothecarium


The Sacris Society Apothecarium is an alchemy inspired bi-monthly subscription service. Taking direct influence from alchemical symbolism, each box comes with three products—a candle, elixir, and oil—that include different essential oils based on the origins of alchemy and other occult practices. 

Designed by Sarah Gardner

Country: United States




Agency «UPRISE» has developed the conceptual design of craft beer "Morskoe" (connected with the sea), with its unique style and own history. This project expands the vodka brand "Morskaya", bringing it into a new category - beer. The range of beers "Morskoe" consists of three varieties, each of which has the original name. 

The author of the concept, creative Director Alexey Astakhov, says: “There are no former seamen. I served in the Northern Fleet and the sea spirit will always be with me. Sea for me is the myths and stories; this is a legend about terrible monster Kraken which take down ships; about seamaids that allure sailors, about old lighthouse showing the way to the bank. If you heard such story at least once, it will never be forgotten – all of this has inspired us to create interesting and unusual beer, which also has its own history. The bottle form of beer “Morskoe” reminds the mooring bollard, and the label - shoulder straps of seamen. Through the use of the kraft paper and the unusual labels fixture with twine, it creates unique "Nautical " temper of the brand, qualitative and natural. 

The entire range consists exclusively of dark beers: red velvet, dark strong beer and dark non-filtered beer. Naming of the product line also reflects a nautical theme and linked to the classification of the storms on Beaufort wind scale: "number 3", "number 7" and "number 9".

Designed by UPRISE

Country: Russia


The Bee Good Co.


The Bee Good Co. is a small-scale beekeeping company providing its customers the finest quality of several kinds of honey. The overall direction of this design is a mixture of artisanal and modern and the branding consists of a handwritten logotype through which the color of the honey is visible. The underscoring lines of the logotype form a mark that is consistent throughout various other branding elements (pattern, store, ads, etc.) and is engraved on top of the wooden caps. The box containing all four honeys is inspired by the 'frame' used in beekeeping; it suggests that the honey is so pure it is derived directly from the beehive.

Designed by Christiana Theophanopoulos

Country: United States


Pasta Rummo


For 160 years, Rummo has specialized in making pasta. To attain a more premium positioning of their products, Clement Simon has designed this concept with a new identity and high-end packaging.

Mostly black and white, Rummo has a formal look appealing to those who want the best quality possible in their pasta. The serif font identifies the brand as one rooted in tradition with a rich, full history. A small image of the pasta appears on the packaging — just a sliver next to the white label. Information about the pasta is contained on the front and back on small sections of white, allowing the text to stand out and also keeping much of the packaging midnight black and incredibly sleek.

Designed by Clement Simon

Country: France


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