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Tea Charlie

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/03/2015 | 4 Minute Read

This tea packaging is something else! Designed by YanYaoming, handmade and naturally grown tea gets the royal treatment as lose leaves are poured into pastel-colored tins. Labeled with steeping instructions, the tins are then placed into a seamless box illustrated with an abstract landscape. 

"We think that people in vegetation is the essence of tea. With natural awe, we can taste the wonderfulness of tea. 

Strictly observe the ideas (ancient procedure for manufacturing tea, innovative design), choose carefully the cultivated tea and follow the traditional process. These crafts are born a hundred years ago, from numerous ancestors, are the accumulation of human experience of this industry, and are our respect and adherence to nature; The aesthetics life of the new generation proposes the design is as important as the content, making the sense of beauty as a starting point, simple but elegant, which is just like the tea, moist naturally but not grandstanding."


Photographer: Gao Cong

Designed by YanYaoming

Client: Chali

Country: China

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