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MOOY Cable Butlers

by Traci Gibbs on 12/21/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Urban and Fun. The core values of the MOOY brand have been cleverly embodied in the packaging design of their first two products - the SNAPPY and WIREWING cable butlers. The team at CRE8 Design were briefed to translate the product features on the packaging, and to incorporate eye-catching elements to grab the customers’ attention.

A combination of a clean graphical background and a transparent blister cover was selected to compliment the actual product shape and to emphasize the product colours. Smartly designed perforations on the package provide easy access to the products, providing a user-friendly unboxing experience. Commenting on the design the team at CRE8 says: “The overall design approach not only considers the enhanced structure, but it also makes the products stand out when hung on the shelf, so people want to stop and further explore the goods.”

A real attention-grabber packaging that clearly communicates the product features and the attention to details that went into the product development.


Designed by CRE8 DESIGN

Country: Taiwan

City: Taipei

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