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Concepts We Wish Were Real: Rebranding Crest

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/18/2015 | 10 Minute Read

For pearly whites, it's important for you to brush your teeth twice a day. There are many dental hygiene brands out on the market nowadays and Crest is among the selected few on everybody's list. This past Fall, Art Center College of Design students majoring in packaging design, took a crack at redesigning the internationally-known brand. 

Today we take a look at 10 student concepts that are inspirational and great examples of what "Crest" as a brand can potential be.

Designed by: Juan-Andrés Helt

The assignment was to rebrand and repackage Crest, give the brand an edge over its competitors and to completely revolutionize the oral hygiene industry.

This rebrand positions Crest as a stylish addition to your personal décor. The sleek design integrates convenience into your daily routine, adds luxury to your environment, and elevates the Crest experience.

The target market for this rebrand includes Aspirers who focus on status and aesthetics, and Succeeders, who focus on quality. These categories of people are trendsetters so by targeting this market Crest would also attract other types of people, namely the Mainstreamers.


Designed by: Daniela Cardona

The re-branding of Crest has a clear and more relevant look. The graphics were designed to satisfy the brand’s needs, but most importantly the customer’s needs, so that when they go to the store to buy the products there is an evident simplicity. The new Crest has a clear identity that empowers its customers to celebrate the little moments of the day when they take care of themselves.


Designed by: Dave Hansung Kim

The brief was to rebrand Crest updating its identity, and design a family of products that fit the new strategy. 

The new Crest brand provides a better dental care experience by making the Crest brand more consistent, unique and easy to understand. By leveraging Crest’s brand recognition, advance performance, clear brand identity, Crest can provide a premium, tailored experience that empowers its consumers and gives them the confidence to embrace new challenges.

Crest can elevate its brand identity by catering to consumers that are looking for the best quality product. These consumers are willing to pay for premium quality products because they have an appreciation for products that are well made, use the best ingredients and just perform. By elevating its brand identity, Crest can focus on expanding their distribution channels to dentistries and lifestyle boutiques. 


Designed by: Tina Ou

The rebrand of Crest is a bold fashion statement that celebrates the sensation of having fresh, clean teeth. The new Crest will awaken your inner top model and empower you from the inside and out. 


Designed by: Ju Chia Lee

Morning is a white paper that is full of possibilities. The stories that are going to be written on it are not only about joyfulness but also challenges. Through the ceremony of cleaning yourself at the prologue of a day, the rebranding of Crest provides you with an impactful instrument to experience your brand new symphony of life!

By this project, the new Crest provides their products to people who always have desire to find the new ideas for their daily life. The packaging has been designed for display in the most wholesale stores and pharmacies.


Designed by: Jane Park

The redesign of Crest celebrates the sexiness of your smile. It is a feature that gets you noticed and Crest is here to reinvigorate excitement in your dental regimen and in still fearless confidence. The target audience is people who care about their smile and dental hygiene.


Designed by: Jeanette Kang

Established since 1960, Crest has become one of the most reliable and trustworthy dental hygiene companies in America. Through this new packaging, Crest strives to reconnect back to its basics and re-establish itself as a part of your family. It only relies on the quality and integrity of the product that has been built through its generations of use.


Designed by: Mariko Higaki Iwai

Rebranding of Crest with logo development and family of product packaging. My concept was inspired by intimacy and long lasting relationships. The challenge was to make mundane everyday task like brushing your teeth, uplifting. My forms were developed through blending two circles in balanced curves. The shape fits well in your hand, and are easy to use. New Crest will be your companion, brightening your oral hygiene routine. 


Designed by: Naomi Tirronen

The assignment was to keep the established familiarity of Crest while updating it, so that it speaks to a more independent-minded audience. My concept is the new Crest brings a humanistic feeling to an otherwise clinical profession. When people use Crest, they are having a conversation with the product, not simply cleaning their teeth. Crest is a friend, a confidant—a member of the family.


Designed by: Yoonji Do


Concept: Life is like running a marathon. Brushing your teeth is an everyday routine and is directly related to your lifestyle. New Crest will guide you, running next to you to bring a healthy and confident smile until you finish your life marathon. 

Demographics: New Crest is targeting people who practice healthy routines such as eating right and exercising often. It can be easily marketed to a wide range of people, who want to pursue happiness and well being by their own task of achievement.


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