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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/20/2015 | 9 Minute Read

Let's kick-off the weekend with a brand-new collection of the best concept work .

Marvel Vodka


Comic book geeks, you might want to sit down for this one. KRIZIASOE DESIGN of Indonesia clearly has a deep love for MARVEL comics—so much so, that they’ve created this fantastic concept for vodka bottles. 

“What happens when two amazing thing comes together as one? What if MARVELxABSOLUT VODKA do exist? The concept was to design alcohol bottles that we can relate to our favourite comic characters. People can recognise their favourite marvels just by looking at the silhouettes. This is why you will never get bored of this drink. Imagine going to a Comic-con afterparty and able to drink and purchase these bottles? YES PLEASE! The obsession of booze and these comic inspired characters can make a unique selling point in the marketplace. People can actually drink and collect them.”

The simple icons and a few choice colors keep the design simple, but any comic book lover will instantly recognize the villain or hero on each bottle. An outer box with coordinating colors and a related icon makes the bottles even more of a keepsake. Overall, KRIZIASOE DESIGN keeps things simple, which is for the best since both MARVEL and Absolut are well-known brands. Instead of trying to take away from their brand names, MARVEL VODKA harnesses the power of the brands in a crisp, straight-to-the-point manner.


Country: Indonesia


Queen's Random


A drink fit for a queen. Andrew Benson's concept for this line of spirits takes a recognizable icon and gives it a twist.

"The idea behind Queen's Ransom is a cheeky take on the favorite drink of Queen Elizabeth II. The logo is regal and a bit devious. The colors were chosen based on the interior of Buckingham Palace and the colors of house Windsor. The pattern work on the label can also be found in various royal estates, as well as liquor packaging from mid-century England."

Pulling on inspiration from well-known places as well as using a relatively traditional liquor packaging gives Queen's Ransom the regal packaging it aims to be. A blindfolded Queen Elizabeth II appears almost humorous to consumers, seeing such a proper figure in a new way. This makes Queen's Ransom feel modern, almost like it's poking fun at itself and gives the impression of a well-crafted, new spirit. A color palette of goldenrod, silver, and off-white is upscale, indicating the premium quality of the product.

Designed by Andrew Benson

Country: United States




Pharmaceutical design must first and foremost earn a client's trust. Because of this, less emphasis is put on building a brand with a strong voice. Peter Kanai seeks to make a change with his concept for Vedur, a company that treats type two diabetes.

"Vedur is a fictional pharmaceutical company, designed from the ground up, that treats type two diabetes through an integrated approach. The challenge of designing for the pharmaceutical industry is that while the existing designs are very practical, they lack personality. Consequently, the objective when designing Vedur was to incorporate a designed aesthetic into both the packaging structure and the type."

Vedur still takes a formal and clean approach, but incorporates a few different elements that make it more approachable. Splashes of color feel warm and personable while the sans-serif font gives Vedur a modern, forward-thinking attitude. Oval-shaped packaging resembles a medicinal pill. A combination of medicines come in one pack, with information clearly laid out for the user, giving those who suffer from diabetes a new approach to improving their health.

Designed by Peter Kanai

Country: United States


De Cecco


Even if you’ve never been to Italy, this concept for De Cecco pasta will transport you to a hillside restaurant in the Italian countryside. Created by Anna Ahnborg, this new look for De Cecco would be perfect in fine foods stores and more exclusive grocery stores.

“My goal was to give the packaging a traditional, rustic Italian, retro look yet combine this with modern cutouts representing the shape of the specific pasta. The bold typography mixed with the monotony in colors and the feeling of the craft paper makes it stand out on the pasta shelf next to other brands.”

De Cecco pasta comes in many varieties, all of which are assigned a certain number. This number appears large and bold on the packaging, contributing to its premium appearance. Brown, black, and white emphasize the rustic and retro look Ahnborg aimed for. A cutout on the right side of the box mimics the shape of the pasta and also allows consumers to see the fresh pasta inside. This clever detail is subtle and yet makes a huge difference to the overall design, letting the pieces of pasta become part of the packaging itself.

Designed by Anna Ahnborg

Country: Sweden


Mumu Vodka


In case your knowledge of Russian writing is a little rusty, Mumu is a rather depressing story of a man and his dog. Taking this tale and making a beautiful and enchanting vodka interpretation of it is no small task, butDenis Kalinin managed to do so perfectly. 

“An alternative interpretation of iconic tale of famous Russian writer Turgenev. The black colour label stand as the symbol for the muteness of the tale protagonist, Gerasim; key point of the tale – two bricks – performed via copper foil stamping. Curls and lines pattern represent schizophrenic thinking of Gerasim. Gerasim himself is not shown; instead of him his alter ego, little dog Mumu appears, jumping through the lifebuoy.”

Metallic copper shines against the black bottle and label, looking both elegant and a bit mysterious. The dog leaping through a lifebuoy and the vodka name written slightly askew gives the label a feeling a movement, breathing life into the intricate design. Mumu appears to be a drink that holds a bit of a story with it, with lovely front label that entices buyers to read the words on the back.

Designed by Denis Kalinin

Country: Russia


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