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by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/18/2015 | 2 Minute Read

"SoylentTM is a pioneer in food technology, delivering nutritionally- complete staple meals that provide all the essential nutrients required to fuel the human body. Soylent is produced with sustainability and efficiency in mind to create a convenient, nutritious, and affordable meal that is better for our health and the environment. CEO/Co-founder Rob Rhinehart and team developed Soylent after recognizing the need for a simpler, more efficient food source. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA."

With simplicity in mind, Soylent enlisted in the help of OkFocus to create packaging that would best represent the brand. A simple, white bottle takes the form of a protein drink with the company's logo and calorie count as the only information visible. What makes this design unique is its extreme minimalism. Colorful graphics and a long list of its nutritional contents can not be found. Very similar to Apple, that packaging is stripped down to its bare minimum, allowing the spotlight to be shine on the product itself. 


Creative director: Julio Miles

Logo/Identity: OKFocus

Designed by In-house, John Zelek

Country: United States

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