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Samsung Exynos

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/16/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Such beautiful packaging, I wonder what possibly could be inside this fancy navy blue box? Truffles? A watch? Guess again because it’s the Samsung Exynos reference platform. This is the technology behind all of those Samsung GALAXY products. Powerful and wrapped up in a pretty packaging. 

The Korean design firm minimalist was tasked with creating new packaging for a product that some of us might find hard to wrap our heads around (at least I do). How do you visually describe high and efficient performance in data transmission? The minimalist team found a solution with an art direction made up of graphic patterns which would represent the performance and functionality the Samsung Exynos is known for. 

“The Samsung Reference Platform is the official reference platform powered by Exynos solutions and provides an easy development environment with the essential functionalities and the latest technologies. Developers are able to modify their devices or software by referring to the Samsung Reference Platform.”

The product comes tucked inside a hard cased navy blue box with a slide off lid. Wrapping around the box is a pattern of thin, “circuit board style” lines in a delicate bronze foil. I love this pairing of deep navy blue with bright bronze, it’s very striking.

As you slide the lid up and off the box inside you will see a series of sleek acrylic pillars that securely hold the mobile & information panel in place. Printed onto these pillars in black is the Samsung Exynos iconography that was developed for the product. It's interesting to see the beauty of the design in actual product itself. 

It’s not a flashy design, it’s minimal and clean, but perfectly executed. With only a small white Samsung Exynos logo tucked on the front to identify the product, the design work here is complete.


Creative Director: Wonchan Lee  

Designer: Minhong Kim

Designed by minimalist

Client: Samsung Electronics Co., LTD. 

Country: Korea

City: Seoul

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