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Regal Rogue Vermouth

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/08/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Regal Rogue is fearlessly handcrafted by combining a selection of native Australian aromatics with Hunter Valley wines. Since it premiered in 2011, Squad Ink has been helping to shape the brand and packaging, and they continue their work with Regal Rogue’s latest line of of vermouth: Lively White, Wild Rosé, Bold Red and Daring Dry.

“The Regal Rogue brand has received an amazing response, rejuvenating a dusty alcohol category with a fresh and innovative approach. From the beautifully detailed label to the cleverly crafted launch material, the brand takes shape around a charismatic knight and his devoted owl companion. Achieving the right balance between the old and the new was paramount. The etched illustrative style allowed us to develop the traditional cues and build a credible brand aesthetic, where the bold use of colour and copy allowed us to unleash the youthful spirit of this Australian disruptor.”

Since Regal Rogue is leading the way with the vermouth renaissance, Squad Ink wanted to create something new and adventurous that would tell an exciting story to consumers. The label is carefully detailed and illustrated, with a man clad in armor and an owl perched on his shoulder. With a subtle background design and border, this communicates the great amount of care that went into crafting the spirit. Each bottle comes wrapped, building excitement for the buyer and creating an experience to those who drink it.


Designed by Squad Ink

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

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