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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/07/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Heimplanet’s inflatable tent looks like the perfect solution for anyone who wants a tent that can be pitched with ease. VSM Studio designed the packaging for the simple and innovative product which required equally simple and innovative packaging.

“Heimplanet’s mission is to create outstanding travel equipment that supports you on all your journeys, grand or small. Every Heimplanet product is carefully considered and developed in a way that often challenges conventions, yet always enhances your experience.”

“The distinctively minimalist packaging design for Heimplanet’s range of tents blends the outdoors with technological references, reflecting the tents’ innovative nature and ease of use. Designed to evoke images of a high-tech, modern lifestyle product, Heimplanet differentiates its products among competitors and inspires customers to explore new ideas in traveling.”

Heimplanet’s packaging is straightforward and beautifully minimal. The box, with a convenient carrying handle on top, shows images of mountains and of the product in black and white. Geometric designs inspired by the tent’s shape are laid over wilderness photos, allowing buyers to picture themselves in that place, looking for a spot to pitch the tent. Heimplanet’s uncomplicated design speaks to those who want their hiking and camping needs to be equally simple. It benefits backpackers to have less weight to carry, and knowing that the tent can be put up easily lets them focus on simply enjoying the outdoors.


Designed by VSM Studio

Client: Heimplanet

Country: Germany

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