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Nina Muru Snacks

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/06/2015 | 3 Minute Read

When Muru Boutique Creative began working on the packaging for Nina Muru Snacks, they had only two things: a logo and an interesting product. The company produces Giant Peruvian Corn Snacks, and Muru Boutique Creative wanted to create packaging that would situate the brand as a premium snack choice perfect for sharing with others, while also highlighting its Peruvian origins.

“We started our research focusing on Peruvian textiles. Bright colors contrasting with deep browns representing the fertile Peruvian soil. We then started to create the patterns inspired in pre-Incan designs almost resembling a corn pattern on the top of the pack.”

“Once the colors were chosen, different photographic styles were proposed to introduce the product and make it attractive to the consumer. We worked with one of the best photography studios in Lima (Profot) which is why the pictures look so great. The final result: A packaging fun and appealing with a great mix of Peruvian tradition and modern design.”

Nina Muru Snacks uses rich colors and intricate patterns to communicate the high quality of the product. Royal purple, blood red, and mustard brown are a nice contrast to the deep brown that appears on each variety’s packaging. A tear-away tab makes it easy to open, and resealable packaging keeps the corn snacks fresh.


Designed by Muru Boutique Creative

Client: Cuzco Foods

Country: Peru

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