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Guten Tag!

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/28/2015 | 2 Minute Read

If you are looking to bring fun on your dinner table, look no further! These colourful and witty spreadable cheese packs create a positive disruption in a category usually dominated by more conservative designs and colours. Fabula Branding undertook this comprehensive piece of work for one of the leaders of the Russian cheese market, ‘Cheese Starodub’. Whilst briefing the agency, the sentence ‘For every mouth his sandwich’ was mentioned and this was then used as tagline for the brand, and introduced on packaging accordingly. 

The packs feature hilarious characters that hold the sandwiches, the two elements complementing each other in an entertaining illustration that delivers a positive and fun brand message.


Designed by Fabula Branding 

Client: Cheese Starodub 

Country: Belarus

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