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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/23/2015 | 12 Minute Read

Celebrate the end of the week with our colorful Concepts We Wish Were Real. 



California has no shortage of delicious wines, and it’s always exciting to see new labels and concepts that truly set a vineyard apart. These design concepts from Jan Baca take the history of the area where the vineyard is located and present it in a subtle, sophisticated way. 

“Two label concepts created for Santino winery located in Amador County, California. The region is well-known for its great wineries as well as large gold deposits which caused a huge gold rush in 1850s. Both concepts reflect a gold-mining history and tell a story about times of big dreams and falls.”

The geometric designs and tight lines look modern and minimal. Black, white, and gold for the color palette further emphasize the wine’s high quality in a delicate, refined way. A sans serif font gives off a contemporary vibe, perfectly situating Santino as a premium wine with history and a bit of edge.

Designed by Jan Baca

Country: Germany


Tropikal Air Freshner


Air freshener makes a room smell amazing, but too often distracting graphics or large brand names on the packaging make a room look less than amazing. The Silot has created a design concept that would give you air freshener that you’d be happy to be seen by guests. With calming illustrations that set the mood, this new look for Tropikal may change the way you look at air freshener. 

“This fresh update to Tropikal’s product line transforms moods and perceptions. Amplified by a fun and inspiring contemporary look which is aimed squarely at young, fashion-savvy consumers. Bright, artistic eye-catching packaging with a unique design for each fragrance inspires a sense of occasion and stands proud and confident amongst the orthodox competition on the shelf.”

Watercolor illustrations give a dreamy, relaxed vibe, and Tropikal’s name appears at the top in a hue that coordinates well with each image. This changes the perception of air freshener from something you simply pull out of the closet whenever you need it to something you’re happy to set out on the bathroom shelf. Instead of fighting with decor, Tropikal Air Freshener subtly works with the existing atmosphere and sets a soothing mood. 

Designed by The Silot

Country: Kenya


Spices of Indonesia


If you’re looking for a way to recreate some of the delicious and exotic dishes from overseas, then imagine what life would be like with Savada. The concept, designed by students Josephine Tan and Maharani Yasmine, focuses on Indonesia and its rich culture and natural resources. Spices are a crucial part of the culture and the cuisine is known to be flavorful with distinct, unique aromas. 

Savada is an Indonesian spice company with products exclusively harvested from the islands of Indonesia. Diversity of Indonesian traditions and cultures are apparent visually with the hybrid of contemporary and traditional in Savada’s overall branding: sans serif type and long-established batik patterns in packaging, straight lines with wooden textures on interior. The brand is bringing a modern, luxurious approach to Indonesian spices and introduces a brand new store concept called Spice Lab, where customers can come in and create their own customized spice blends to recreate unique Indonesian traditional delicacies. Promoting the vast array of Indonesian spices, we selected five biggest islands of Indonesia and made five different collections so customers are familiarized with the distinct Indonesian taste. ‘Savada’ itself is inspired by the Sanskrit word of ‘Svada’ or ‘taste.’ Sanskrit played a big role in the formation of today’s Indonesian language: Bahasa Indonesia.”

Savada is instantly striking, with a crisp white allowing the luxurious colors and textures of the spices to stand out. Beautiful, detailed images of each spice do the talking, enticing consumers to purchase the unique ingredients. Overall design is kept simple and clean, giving a sense of an empty plate that buyers could fill with the food they will create.

Designed by Josephine Tan, Maharani Yasmine

Country: United States


Pretty Fit


Waterproof makeup can be hit or miss. When purchasing foundation or mascara, “waterproof” is often taken with a grain of salt. Rebeca Gliosci has created the branding and packaging for Pretty Fit, a makeup company concept. Pretty Fit puts waterproof makeup to the test, giving women an option for coverage when they’re working out. 

“Makeup + sweat are not exactly friends. But browsing through beauty blogs and channels, I noticed that many women prefer to apply some basic makeup essentials before going to the gym. A little bit of concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles; a skin-evening product with added SPF if they’re exercising outdoors; eyeshadow or pencil to correct sparse eyebrows; mascara to open up the eyes; balm to keep the lips hydrated. Pretty Fit is for them: active women, athletes, sports and fitness enthusiasts. Or anyone who just likes to wear simple, light weight, long lasting makeup on their daily errands.”

Pretty Fit is feminine and lovely, using sunset-inspired hues that are absolutely divine and likely liven up typical, less-colorful workout items. The packaging is sleek and basic, easy to put into a gym bag or purse and take on the go. While it’s designed for those who want to put on a little makeup before a workout, it has a wider appeal to those looking for sweet and simple coverage that will make them feel confident and will last all day.

Designed by Rebeca Gliosci

Country: Brazil


GROOVY 100% Organic Juice

This is a student concept in which we had to develop the structural and graphic design for 100% organic juices. 
We wanted to transmit a funny and relaxed mood to reach a young and hipster consumers with a healthy and active lifestyle. Based on the triangle shape we did hand drawn illustrations of the fruits. The use of opposite colors to contrast the illustrations with the color of the juice itself gives a nice and funny look.

Designed by Loreley Videla / Laura Aguilar

Country: Barcelona


Canna Chocolade


"Canna Chocolade" is a chocolate brand that produces milk chocolates made with cannabutter (cannabis butter). Each chocolate is made with cannabutter from a different haze variety and has various effects. For example, if you decide to eat the Blackberry haze chocolate, you will feel very happy and uplifted! If you want to feel euphoric then you should try Purple haze, etc. 

We designed the identity and the packaging for four chocolates. We wanted them to be geometric but also a little psychedelic because of the project. Each chocolate has its own name, and a symbol made of the first letters of it, for example Green Haze is "Gh", all inspired from the periodic table. Of course, this is a conceptual project but we would have really wanted this to be real!

Designed by Corn Studio

Country: Greece 

City: Athens


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