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Precision Mobile | Arrowhead

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/15/2015 | 4 Minute Read

The Precision Mobile is a modular kinetic sculpture, skillfully made of solid brass and stainless steel. This piece is purposefully designed for high-lofted residential ceilings, hotels, restaurants, and creative agencies. It brings gentle movement and life to the spaces we live, work, and play. 

The mobile comes pre-balanced, so installation and assembly is simple. The packaging aids in this and is very unique. We had 55" tubes custom made, that we wrapped with hand-pulled screen prints.

You pull off the main paper zipper to reveal the arrowhead wing tips. These are positioned radially within a custom cardboard assembly that we refer to as the crown. 

From there, you pull this entire assembly out of the tube. 

Inside this assembly, there is a smaller tube with another paper zipper. 

This slides out to reveal the component tray along with an illustrated instructional manual. 

At the heart of the Precision Mobile, we designed an entirely new modular platform that can be expanded upon without altering the fundamental components. Many of these features are firsts to mobile design. 

The Precision Mobile's custom brass balances have a dual purpose. They secure a balance point on the stainless steel arm with a set screw on the

This custom brass mount elegantly connects the mobile to the ceiling. Inside, it houses a bearing on which the hanging wire is seated, allowing the entire sculpture to rotate freely. 

The Arrowhead wing tips attach to the stainless steel arms via a set screw. They are manufactured of precision cut & bent steel, hand-soldered, and finished with a matte powder coat. 

Hanging wires drop through the press-formed ends of the stainless steel arms, creating swivel joints at every connection point. 


Lead Product Design: Matt Tait 

Associate Product Design: Audrey Elkus

Photography: Aaron Jones 

Printer: Ocelot Print Shop 

Cardboard Tube Manufacturer: Yazoo Mills

Designed by TAIT Design Co.

Country: United States

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