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Perintö Beer

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/12/2015 | 2 Minute Read

DeVANS Modern Breweries approached Butcher & Butcher with a new product development that challenges traditional concepts in beer. They created a fruit flavoured beer that would challenge existing category norms in the market. By working closely with Devans to create a contemporary beer brand Butcher & Butcher hopes to inspire a new generation of beer lovers in India. 

"The design direction came from the name itself, with Perintö being Finnish for heritage. From here we subtly combined other European and Indian iconography to create a postmodern collection of elements; challenging tradition and expected juxtapositions of cultural iconography. The Perintö personality is one unafraid of challenging the past — high spirited, adventurous, curious and proudly spontaneous. The result was a dynamic, colourful collection of beer flavours with a delightfully adventurous feel."


Art Direction & Design: Noah Butcher

Visualization: Andy Jacobs

Designed by Butcher & Butcher 

Client: DeVANS Modern Breweries

Country: New Zealand

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