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by Jessica Deseo on 01/08/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Mooloko takes inspiration and a literal approach to their design and structure. Imitating a horn of a cow in the top opening and utilizing black and white in the design and structure, this carton brings a unique take on the everyday milk package design.

"A line of milk and dairy product called "MOOLOKO" ("MOO" + "Moloko" which means milk" in Russian). The best way to show a cow is to to put fingers at your head and say "MOO", so I've decided to use these folds in the package to represent horns and put "MOO" in a shape of cow's nose. In production as of December 2014."

Designed y: Klemenkov Andrey
Massimo Brugnera — 3D visualization
Country: Russia

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