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Fat Tug IPA

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/29/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Here's to another successful beer design from Hired Guns Creative! Bringing the extraordinary underwater water into the hands of the masses, Fat Tug narrates a small tugboat lost at sea with waves so sharp and violent they pop out in every which direction. The typography is kept heavy and bold like cement blocks sinking into the ocean floor, intertwined with "seaweed snakes."

"Much has been said about Driftwood Brewing‘s Fat Tug IPA. It’s considered by many to be the most popular IPA in the IPA-loving province of British Columbia."

"But there’s a bit of a dark side to this beer. (Ask anyone who’s woken up after a night of 
sessioning it.) You have to proceed with caution; it's a bit of a hop monster that can sneak up on you"

"So how did we approach redesigning such an iconic beer? By going fully epic with the artwork! A wrap-around scene with an oceanic narrative, a die-cut shape, and a knock out… (On a beer label? Not something you see every day!)"


Designed by Hired Guns Creative

Client: Driftwood Brewery

Country: Canada

Photography: Sean Fenzl 

Printer: West Key Graphics 

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