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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/23/2015 | 16 Minute Read

The week is finally over and it's time to celebrate with this week's concepts we wish were real! 

Daily Coffee


Nora Kaszanyi serves up a freshly brewed cup of coffee in style. With a color palette of electric purple, creme, and pink the brand caters to a young female consumer. The shop's "Daily" items such as the coffee pot, blender, and pastry selection are illustrated onto the surfaces, seen broken up into abstract lines and shapes. The overall design turns a simplistic name into something special with a glossy finish and vivid color scheme. 

Designed by Nora Kaszanyi

Country/City: Hungary, Budapest

Go Wild: A Newbie Camper's Kit


Go Wild: A Newbie Camper’s Kit is a clever and unique design concept created by Courtney Sabo. The kit is an “essentials” pack that consists of items often forgotten by first time campers when packing – toliet paper, matches, a headlamp, a utility tool & a cast iron skillet for meal making. While the product is intended to be marketed towards 20-somethings (hence the newbie camper), I think the novelty and eye-catching design will draw in a wide demographic of customers. I know I’d be stopping in that aisle!

“Many people who haven’t been camping often feel nervous about trekking into the wild, so this package design aims to create excitement and inform consumers about camping.”

The kit is designed to reflect the shape of a tent when closed, and then transform into an abstract fire circle upon opening. Inside the products are held down by bungee-inspired elastic bands, and to add a little more fun to the design each of the fire flames has a camping tip printed on it – from how to put out a campfire to how to store food. 

The typography and use of color in this design are spot on. The type was inspired by vintage WPA National Park posters from the 1930s. The color combination of a deep orange with neutrals was a nice balance, but it is the addition of the muted “tree bark” pattern that brought it home. Printed on corrugated cardboard, the matte ink adds an extra layer of texture that continues the “rugged” outdoor feeling. 

And the final detail of clever perfection...printing with eco-friendly ink. Your good looking Newbie Camper’s Kit is now going to be used to start your first camp fire!

Designed by Courtney Sabo

Country: United States

Hey! Beer



Dimitris takes what makes beer so beautiful and translates it into his design. The deep honey-colored malted beverage needs nothing more than a simple attention grabber. "Hey", centered around white, gets a metallic gold finish honoring the art of brewing. 

"Packaging for a non existing brand of micro brewery beers from Brussels, Belgium. 
I wanted to create this beer on a simple style & with a simple name to be easily recognized. 
"Hey" is defined as an expression of greeting similar to "hello," or is a way to attract attention. 
So that was the perfect name to call someone for sharing a beer."

Designed by Dimitris Kostinis

Country: Belgium



"I got the simple but challenging brief from one of Sweden's largest brewing companies; to create a conceptual beer for the concerned, young and urban audience. My solution was to follow a growing and existing trend that has sprung from bar hopping restaurateurs; to have a smaller beer served so that you will have time to move on to a new place and meet as many people as possible. In Sweden we call this serving a "galopp" (exactly what it sounds like, the pace when a horse 
runs, gallop). 

Therefore the beer was named fÖL, which is a pun consisting of both the words "föl" (foal) and "öl" (beer). I took inspiration from our need of socializing as much as possible in as little time as possible, and used minimalistic visuals 
with horse and urban elements. Continuous use of puns is all over the concept. The bottle is only 25cl, perfect size for grabbing a quick beer and be on the move to the next!"

Designed by Sofia Larsén & Anika Creative Design 

Country/City: Sweden, Stockholm

Special thanks to Robin Borgström.



"Package design for the cosmetic range of Balanzera Green hair dress saloon located in Oslo, Norway. The range includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Foam, Hair Spray and Hair Oil. All containers are reusable. User can use the same package for unlimited times. The Design is following some of the Sustainable design guidelines such as: minimum usage of materials, no extra lids, all are made from recycled plastic (PLA-blend bio-flex). Simple design and shape, when containers get stack for transporting they take minimum space as they don't leave empty spaces between - maximum number of product stacked (energy efficiency). Minimum usage of ink and printing with low-VOC inks. Nordic, clean and sophisticated design."

Designed by Elena Antoniou

Country: Cyprus

Denny Gold Metal Sausages and Crumbled Ham


"The Denny brand has a hugely significant history when it comes to the Irish food market. In one way or another we have all had some interaction with Denny products, while often not acknowledging or even realising the deep history and tradition of the brand. Thus, the core concept of this packaging project. This deep tradition and heritage of Denny acted as the main focal point for the redesign, and the driving force behind the new visual style of the products. It was decided that the most suitable way to convey this rich and extensive tradition visually was to focus on a typographical and illustrative approach and telling the story of Denny through this.

Through combining small segments of text, subtle illustrations and other typographical elements, it is possible to achieve such a style and be effective in doing so, while also delivering the essential unique selling points of the brand such as using no artificial additives or preservatives and maintaining 100% natural products. This packaging concept would not only provide consumers with a visually appealing experience of Denny products but would also provide a small but interesting educational insight into the important rich history of the company in a contemporary fashion."

Designed by Alan McNamara

Country/City: Ireland, Cork

Highland Bakery

"My concept centers on Highland Bakeries and their whole grain breads, artisan style, fresh from scratch cakes, and the artistic history of the old fourth ward. The identity relates to the process in which fresh and raw ingredients are being blended together to create rich style foods. The cream tops symbolize the icing on the cake! Bread itself has great representation, and it is very symbolic. It is seen as a symbol of sustenance, strength, everyday life and eating. On the other end of the spectrum, it is the epitome of temptation. It connects people to culture, and tradition. This is perfect for the Old Fourth Ward’s Highland Bakery because they are also all about neighborhood and community connection. The imperfectness of the logo is a reflection of their staff, crafty bakers and chefs with raw talent that tend to be rough around the edges. I gave the design of the logo a craftsman but imperfect look. Something that was inviting, minimal and friendly."

Designed by Shar Biggers

Country/ City: United States, Atlanta

Zen Tea


"It's a concept for a brand and packaging. Tea embodies peace and harmony. After removing the minimalist part of the package (a metaphor for peace), we find a clear pattern on the packaging (a metaphor for harmony). The Pattern design consists of a doily, leaves and characteristic elements for each taste of tea."

Designed by Konrad Sybilski

Country/City: Poland, Warsaw

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