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Agua que ataranta

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/21/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Aqua que ataranta combines the golden age of Mexican cinema into a beverage. Designed by Futura, this crystal clear bottle is sealed with black wax to the neck and wrapped in a pure white label. The typography, reading "Aqua Ataranta" forms into a building with the two t's in "Ataranta" extending upward. 

"Inspired in the Mexican hood. The "Pedro Infante" who lives in each and every man who transform their drink in their personal accomplice of small victories. 
que Ataranta (Water that stuns), mezcal that turns unhappy days into days of glory. 
Beverage for the Mexicans who manage to play with their language making it elastic and vast. Filling it with jokes and humor. Turning it into something impossible to understand for other cultures. Mezcal that encourage the coexistence of the close ones, and the reconciliation of those who are apart."


Designed by Futura

Country: Mexico

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