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Student: Intelligentsia Interactive

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/16/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Kevin Staves rethinks the way we communicate with one another and conceptualizes Intelligentsia Interactive. With the rise of the internet and sitting down to have an actual conversation with someone a rarity these days, Kevin wishes to restore humanity to its "natural" state by redesigning a coffee shop.

"This packaging project uses interactive technology to take coffee social settings out of laptops, tablets, or smartphones and return the coffee shop to face to face interaction. The physical designs were inspired by intelligentsia's interior spaces, where vintage shapes and materials are used in a modern fashion. 3D modeling and printing combined with wood, aluminum, and beer bottle glass, was used for production. The goal of the interactive technology was to restore the coffee shop experience back to the Third place, which is an individual's third source of social interaction besides work and home."


Designed by Kevin Staves

Photography: Jana Heidenreich

Country: United States

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